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Handhelds / PDAs

Recently, I bought a PS3 but it doesn’t give any sound when I connect with a VGA HDMI and it is not working properly and showing graphical defects in my old TV. Is there any way to fix it or do I have to buy another TV.

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I like to collect the Play Stations. Recently I bought a brand new PS4 with GTA V bundle. Will there be any newer versions of PS4 like Slim or Super Slim with more interesting features and Games. Will there be any bugs on the console? Can it be more successful than other gaming consoles?

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Most of my friends suggest me to buy Samsung  Galaxy S4 but I think Black Berry leap is also a competitor to Samsung Galaxy S4. Which is better regarding everything from looks to it's performance. Is it wiser to buy a Black Berry leap or should I buy a Samsung Galaxy S4?

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Recently, I bought a Brand new PS3 with many games but my HDMI Cable was badly damaged by my pet mouse. I have a PS2 also, Is there any way to run the PS3 by using the Cable of PS2 without making any damage to the PS3 and it internal hardware.

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The latest release of Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy A7. Are there any new features in Galaxy A7 than in Galaxy S6 . Although Galaxy A7 is good in looks but is it more Compatible than Galaxy S6 among users . Will it be more Successful than Galaxy S6?    

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I would like to ask for your help. Is there any way that I can still use my Android thought the screen’s cracked? I accidentally bumped into something and when I looked in to it cracks can be seen right away. Can you give me some pointers that I use to fix this temporarily? Do I really need to get a new phone? Does it have replacement in any retail stores? Do we have some tweaking options with this Android Galaxy S5? Please provide me help with this.

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I have an Android tablet and I want to restore to its factory settings. It's because I have installed a lot of application in it and it is lagging a lot these days. It has Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. I tried to restore it once but in vain. The restoration failed showing an 'unknown error'. What should I do to fix this problem?

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What is the philosophy or the concept behind the designing of the consoles of PlayStations and their gamepads? Considering the genesis of their designs pertaining to the consoles and the gamepads, what are your observations and recommendations considering these areas: technical, innovativeness, technological, and other areas it deems being looked into? Thank you.

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What are your technical observations on the charging unit and the charging system of Nintendo Wii U? As compared to other handheld and portable game consoles or gamepads what can the Nintendo Game producers pick up from others sources that can improve the current state and value of the Nintendo Wii U? My name is Kelvin from Ghana. Thank you.

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Give me solid news on hardware description of Whitebox Handheld SDR. Who created the Whitebox? What are interfaces in it? What is Platform and Character Drivers for RF Board and why is it necessary? Can this apply it Satellite communications? How does the Alpha board assemble? What nonspecialist modes will be supported? How does digital signal processing work? What is FIFO buffer and where is it different from Synthesizable Blocks? What is a prototype and how to build the prototype? Thank You

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