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Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Hi all!

My friend’s favorite browser is Google Chrome. Ever since he got familiar with it, he does not use other browser. It is faster and most of all very easy to use according to him.

So I have decided to install it on my Windows Vista machine. Just when I am so excited to use it, it made me halt for a while as I am seeing an error. This error specifies that there is a Windows missing component called expand.exe. I read on one of the sites that I should look for the expand.exe file and I need to make sure that it is under the directory C:Windowssystem32. Well, it is.  

Now I am lost. What else should I check or do to fix it?

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My cousin said that I should use Google Chrome because it's faster than other browsers available today. I uninstalled my Mozilla Firefox and let Google Chrome do its thing. It worked perfectly for a few days, then suddenly the page didn't load when I tried to open it. I keep on getting a message that says there's an error on the page and the page would probably under maintenance.

I don't remember that I touched any of its settings. I'm starting to fall in love with this browser. Now it's giving me a problem. Please give me your suggestions. Thanks

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I want to block obscene or offensive sites on my computer so that I won't be worried when I leave my kids at home.

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As I have mentioned above, I did not find my desired topic in Google. Is there any way that I can get proper solution?
Please tell me about it.
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Is the Google site really the better search engine than the Yahoo! site?

Here in our country, the majority of the internet users are into Yahoo!  I'm willing to try other sites that might be better, as to break the norm in some way. Since most of my friends are in Yahoo!, Would I have trouble with some apps in connecting with them? What are your thoughts on this?

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I always want to use Chrome in incognito mode. I do not want to open Chrome, and then turn into incognito mode. I want to keep it on, as soon as I launch Chrome. Help!

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