Exchange Server

Exchange Server

Hello every one out there,

I am hoping I will get some feedback on some issues I have been facing. I have a constant problem with back up of Hyper-V virtual machines using DPM 2007 and just wonder if you could help me.

Configuration: Host – DELL PE 2950 with Windows Server 2008 SP2. Guests – 5 Virtual machines with Windows Server 2008 SP 2 sitting on local SAS drivers.

When I try running the exchange server, I get the following error message; 

Host an Exchange Storage Group Wizard

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Hi all,

I am trying to migrate from Microsoft exchange server 5.5 to exchange server 2003. I have networked 10 PCs via a rooter. The external DNS are configured correctly on port 25 and using a smart host for outbound DNS. The question I want to ask is;

 Am i supposed to be able to telnet the telnet server on port 25? This is because if I do that I result to an error.  I have completed installation and setting up everything else, deployment tools and wizards without any problems.

But when it comes to setting up the internet email wizard I get an error; 

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Hi all,

I want to implement a recovery strategy in Microsoft exchange server and create a dial tone database.

This is because I want the dial tone database to support users.

While I recover the original database which has some missing files after a power breakdown.

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Hi all,

I am using Nokia E71 and I have been trying to connect it to an exchange server, but was unable to do it for so many times now. Of course I am using Nokia’s mail for exchange with this one. I have entered the correct settings already, but still no luck with this one.

My firmware is updated and this is my first time to use mail for exchange. I might be doing something wrong that I’m not aware of. But I have already read and followed tutorials and instructions on the internet. 

Unable to retrieve Exchange server name. Enter server name in connection settings.

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I m fed up due to a strange error in my active directory user management.

Our sales manager has to communicate with various external entities so I have to add an external / internet email address managed through exchange server 2003.

The problem is , whenever I try to add that email address, the error appeared stating

                This e-mail address already exist in this organization.

                ID no: c10312e7

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I can connect successfully to the server but when I opened MS Outlook and went to Microsoft Exchange server I am getting the "NAME COULD NOT BE RESOLVED.THE ACTION COULD NOT BE COMPLETED." The correct name and username are both there.

Test results show no error. It's very tricky, and you have no idea how much time I spent on this trying to get it resolved. Also, my firewall is off so that would not be an issue I think.

I am not knowledgeable with this issue so I badly need your help. Hope to get a good answer for this.

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Howdy Guys,

I'm using Blackberry Bold 9700 ( Onyx ) to access my email in Microsoft Exchange Server. All of my co workers are using Blackberry device as well whether it was Bold or Storm or Javelin or Curve.

Recently I set my eyes on the perfect and beautiful Sony Ericsson Arch ( well in my opinion anyway ) and I was thinking of replacing my Blackberry Bold 9700 with it. The only problem is I don't know if it's going to work accessing Microsoft Exchange Server.

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Hi There,

I have a question that might be silly for some of you but it's not that silly for a newbie like me.

I'm using Windows XP 32 bit SP 3 in my desktop. It's not a branded desktop just regular desktop. I installed Microsoft Office 2003 and using Microsoft Outlook to send and receive my mails. I have 2 emails that I use for corresponding.

1 for work related and the other one for personal matters. Currently I created 2 different profiles for my emails so when I need to use my personal email then I have to close Microsoft Outlook (if I use work email) and then re-open it again for personal profiles.

Both my emails (personal and work) are connected to different Microsoft Exchange Server.

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I would like to configure OUTLOOK ANYWHERE IN EXCHANGE 2003. 


We have Exchange 2003 in windows Cluster mode.  Can you suggest me how to configure outlook anywhere in Exchange 2003 cluster mode?

Also,  Is SSL certificate is mandatory to get it installed?  Is any temporary SSL certificate can be generated to furnish the installation testing for the time being?

Thanks & Best regards, Bipin

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Can anyone help me with a PowerShell script that I can use to retrieve a specific storage mailbox names and sizes into a text file or CSV. Would be helpful if i can get the sizes in MB.



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