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Development Software

Greeting to All,

I am posting a problem that I encountered when installing .net utilities. Here is the error message screen.

WindowsMicrosoft.NETFramework64v.4.0.30319mscoreei.dll could not be loaded


could not be loaded

I was wondering what might be the cause of this error. I've restarted my computer but I still get the error. I've also scanned my computer, but no virus was found. Please help.

Thanks a lot for reading my post.

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I just downloaded on Eclipse from

I took the version Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers which is 125 MB, but I do not know what the exact version is? My concern is that I just can not switch its language to French.

Please help.

Thank you,


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I have a Photoshop Image (.PSD) file which is RGB type. I wrote a 2008 application for image viewing. Its work fine for JPEG/GIF/PNG but when I try to load the .PSD file I get an error. In my application I have a picturebox control.

How can I load a .PSD image into a picture box control in

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I am trying to save a file I created using LabView, and I got this error.

Error 116 occurred at Unflatten From String in VideoMASTER Analyse>LabVIEW API Off-Line

Also included was the possible reason,

"Possible reason(s): LabVIEW: Unflatten or byte stream read operation failed due to corrupt, unexpected or truncated data."

I am new to this software and really do not have a clue on how to fix it. I have been looking for websites that tackle this problem, but I still can not find any useful article about it. If anyone knows how to fix it please do help. -(edited)

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What is the main difference between a Website and a Web Application? I need an answer quickly, please.


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Hello dear friends,

It's me M. Smith. I am a student of MCS and a good one, but there is question in my mind and I want to get its solution. I tried my best, but have not found its answer yet. Kindly explain a major difference between Hard & Soft Real Time Systems with the help of an example.
Thanks in advance.
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I want to upgrade SCOM SP1 to R2 Multi server environment, RMS and remote SQL 2008 SP1 Server.  But I am experiencing some problems or rather errors during the upgrade process – see the error below.

"System Center Operation Manager 2007 R2 Setup

Error 25154.Failed to execute SQL script. Error Code: -2147217873 (Cannot insert the value NULL intoColumn ‘TableObjectId’, table ‘SCOM.dbo.DomainTable’; Column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails)”

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I have a deadline for my Visual Studio project, but I don’t seem to be making any progress since I cannot install Visual Studio 2008 SP1 on my computer.

I have downloaded the Visual Studio update from Microsoft site and tried to install it on my computer.

But when I try to run the generated exe file it gives me a pop up with message saying:

See error screen below.

Installer UI Mode Error: – Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported
Unable to load and to prepare the installer in GUI mode.

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I am a Web Developer/Designer and have run into a problem with my code. I have designed a website using HTML/ CSS with a text editor. I make it a habit to test the code step by step on a web browser. I usually use Mozilla Firefox. While testing the code using Mozilla Firefox, I don’t find any problem and the design is great. But after completing the Website and checking it using a web browser like Internet Explorer, the menu bar and other features are not right. Why is it that CSS code that works in Mozilla will not on IE?
Please help.
Thank you very much.
Web Developer/Designer.
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