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Hi, I have been through the website and find it interesting that we can share our problems here to commonly solve our personal computer issues at home with a moderator expert in computer applications.

My desktop pc is not an old one, not a brand new one. We can say it is middle aged with an Intel Pentium 4 configuration. It is working perfectly with no freezing issues or slowing down when many processes are running.

All computers’ cooling fans do make some noise while in running conditions. Some are reduced to their silent mode by having a controllable speed through the processor. Ok, I identified the fans located in my CPU: One on the Processor, one in the Power Supply, One in the CPU casing itself.

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My situation is as such: I have just formatted my computer, got Windows XP with the right security key. The system runs good. But when I want to connect to the internet, I notice my Ethernet slot which is on board on the motherboard is not installed. The driver is not available to me on CD. It was lost long time back.

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What to do when my computer freeze?

My computer likes to freeze, but I can still move my mouse. I think this all started when I first got an error message. It only shows up when I start the computer. The name is RUNDLL and it says "error loading C:Windowssystem32bmwduwvu.dll.

The specified module could not be found." My computer is also very slow too. I'm freaked out when my computer was like this. I really don't know what to do.

Anybody knows this kind of problem?

What happen to my computer?

What should I do to solve this problem?

How can fix it?

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I am a native computer user. I used my own computer from the last several months. There is a beep sound at the time of starting the computer. Sometimes there are two short beeps. When it beeps one time, then the computer starts without an error. But in the case of two beeps some settings are changed like date time setting of computer.

Is this any vital problem or error?

I am quite tense about this.

Can anyone help me to find out the problem?

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Way back when I was working at the office, I remember that one of my work mate mentioned that he uses a remote desktop. I am not familiar with this issue but it looks fun and interesting. If I want to try it, what will I need to do? Do I need to buy something?

I have a desktop computer here at home, my current operating system is Windows XP SP3. I'm looking' for someone who can assist me, can you please teach me on how to set-up a remote desktop? By the way, when and what situations do we need to use a remote desktop?

Hope you can help me with this guys.


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Hallo every one,

i am dandon,i have a problem so i ask a questions in this web site. I have a desktop computer. my configuration is "Intel core 2duo,1 GB ram,320 hard drive. when i try to give XP operating their create a problem. computer show me a message"could not copy this file"So i don't give XP operating in my computer. I find the problem in my boot configuration but there have no problem. I also try next time but no feedback come. I can't use my computer. I am very excited but i don't understand what can i solve this problem?Please give me solution very short time.



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I am lemulemon,I use a desktop computer & i have a pendrive. I always use XP operating in my computer. There have a problem in my pendrive. When i send any file to pend rive then computer show me a message.

Windows can't copy them. what's the problem in my problem in my pendrive. I already change the operating & give a new XP operating but feedback is zero. Is my pen drive damage?I try to solve the problem but i am failed. The computer show me same message. So i ask a questions in your website,my questions is "How can i solve the copy & past problem" .


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