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ColdFusion Server

ColdFusion Server

Hi friends,

Please tell me can I run Cold Fusion 9 on J2EE application servers?

What are the supporting J2EE application servers?



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Why does “Windows NT error number 109 occurred” always happen? I constantly found this error in my log files. How to get rid of it? Please help. Thanks! 

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Does IP version 6 got many addresses to setup than IP version 4? What's the best way to use?

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While trying to update my Windows Live Messenger when I got an error stating

Windows Live Messenger

Could not open key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrofostWindowscurrentVersionExplorerBrowser

Helper Objects {7E853D72-626A-48EC-A868-BA8D5E23E045}. Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personal.


I have tried a lot to install and uninstall the software, but the error remains the same.

And my browsers helper objects are also not working.

What can I do to fix the error?

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Today Cloud computing are most popular and IT researcher telling that Cloud computing make the IT world more first. Today many popular & big companies investing for cloud computing. So what you think about it? Is it good for our IT sector development? Cloud Computing going to make any problem in IT sector in future?

Is it true Cloud Computing system making the IT world more first?

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I have been experiencing glitches in Coldfusion which leads me to reinstalling it. After that,  the Apache seems to work, but when I tried to install Coldfusion 9 64bit,  it shows the error:

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Hi There!

I have a YouTube account. I create this account few days ago.

It has no other problem except one which is disturbing and boring for me.

I cannot click any user in my own channel.

It is always inactive.

Please help me.

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Hi there!

I have a WordPress website. I choose CO.CC for free domain selection because it is the most free domain service all over the world. But I don't know right after one year with regards to:

How much they will charge?

How can I renew it?

What is the renewal process?

How much does it cost?

What is the fastest and reliable company for good free domain service?

choose CO.CC for free domain selection

I am very thoughtful for my own domain. If my domain will be blocked after one year, then what can I do for this?

Please provide me the best solution.

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Hi people!

Can somebody help me please?  I'm using ColdFusion server and I'm having a hard time looking at pages with widgets being attached in their domain names/browsers. This error always appear. Please assist me with this.

Hope to hear something from you. Thanks!

Problems with this Web page might prevent it from being displayed properly or functioning properly. In the future, you can display this message by double-clicking the warning icon displayed in the status bar.

Always display this message when a page contains errors.

Line: 104

Char: 2

Error: 'WDG_Messages' is undefined

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