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Hey People, 

I have Just learnt the Basics of C++.

I have recently written  my first program.

What is the difference between the two codes..

Code 1

cout<<"Hello" <<"t" <<"world";

Code 2

cout<<"Hello World";

Also How do I test the output of a C++ file?

Thank you for your Help.


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Hey Techies,

I am learning C++, My knowledge is hence very raw.

I made my first simple program and had run it in the DOS mode.

However,there seems to be an error I get.

Cannot load UDM IPX/SPX support
Enter Two Numbers
As you see above, It says Cannot load VDM IPX/SPX support.
What do these terms mean?
Is it a serious issue?
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Hey people,

I am new to C++. A friend told me that I could test C++ Programs using this piece of software called turbo C.

I have downloaded it however the Installation is quite complicated.

He moment i press enter i don't understand what to do.

Please help ASAP.

Thank you for reading.

Turbo C++ 3.0 Installation Utility

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I am a new programmer, actually i am learning C++ through different programming books and CDs. As a new learner some errors and some info becomes very unknown for me. As a result i cant not finish my work properly. I got some problems in a dialog box. Among those problems this is very common problem i face daily when learning c++ programs which is given below:


487 (0x1E7)

I don't know why this happens. I will be very happy if any expert helps me to solve this problem or any steps so that i can avoid this message.

Thank you.

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Need help with a program calculate the area and circumference of the circle by declaring a class

thanks in advance

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You are required to write a program which takes two 3×3 matrix A and B containing 09 elements each and sort all these 18 elements in descending order and put it in one dimensional array and then display it.

Follow the following steps to code this program

1.  Take two two-dimensional arrays as A[3][3]and B[3][3] and one-dimensional array C[] to keep the result.

2.  Prompt the user to enter the elements of first matrix.

3.  Prompt the user to enter the elements of second matrix.

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You are required to write a program for RENT A CAR SYSTEM. The basic idea is that user will provide customer information, Car Model, and number of days. Upon this information your program will calculate the Amount for the Car.

Rent Amount will be calculated on the Basis of Type of Model he / she is going to take on Rent and of Days on Rent. There are Types of Models available “2009”, “2010” and “2011”. For Model 2009 Minimum Rent per day is Rs. 5000/- for Model “2010” Amount is Rs. 8000/- and for “2011” Amount is Rs. 10,000/- Per Day.

Detailed Description:

1. The program should display

Please provide customer Name:

Please provide Car Model.

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I am outsourcing some C++ Programming work for a game.

When I say outsourcing I mean India so I will never meet these programmers.

I was just wondering how I would get the coding off of them.

Can I simply Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v it into the game engine of my choice?

This is my first project.


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I made a simple conversion program using MS Visual C++ and I get a runtime error. At first I thought there was something wrong with my coding, but when I checked it I found no error. I compiled the program and it was successful. When the program started running I got this error message:


Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!

Program: C:…

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Hi! I have a Question for Programmers.  I want to know bit detail on both C and C++. What are the main differences between C and C++. Why we prefer C++ instead of C? Does it effect on the coding also? Is it possible to use C and C++ in TURBO C?

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