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Hi guys,

I'm Pabz,,,i'm currently developing an application in c#. I have this problem I encountered few days ago. I tried to store an image in mysql and display it on a picture box. I want it to accept .jpg and .bmp format only and limit its size. Or it would be better if I let the user to crop it first before storing it. I want to store the image in the database not just the path of the image. Does any one have idea how to do this? Hope you can help me.

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How do you expose a LINE query as an ASMX web service? Usually, from the business tier, I can return a typed DataSet or DataTable which can be serialized for transport over ASMX.

How can I do the same for a LINE query? Is there a way to populate a typed DataSet or DataTable via a LINE query?

Code is attached.

How can I get the resultset of a LINE query into a DataSet or DataTable? Alternatively, is the LINE query serializeable so that I can expose it as an ASMX web service?

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Hello experts,

I got an application for testing. This application was developed in C # and ASP.net 2.0. My PC is Pentium 4. 3.0 GHz with 1 GB of ram and visual studio 2010 installed. The operating system is Windows XP SP3.

I'm having error whenever I try to run the application from visual studio. It says

Microsoft Visual Studio

Unable to start debugging on the web server. Debugging failed because integrated Windows authentication is not enabled. Please see Help for assistance.

Picture of the error

Visual studio windows authentication

Microsoft Visual Studio

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Hello brothers and sisters,

I am a developer having at the start of my career. I am developing an application in dot net using C# that will work on the different aspects of the images. One of its functionality is to shows the pictures in the slide show. I am writing my own module for achieving that functionality.

I am facing a problem during execution of this module and I am unable to figure out what is causing this error to happen. The module contains the next and previous buttons that contains the code that moves the loaded images forward or backward one at a time.

Guide me in this regard.

The error says.

Failed to compare two elements in the array.


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I am a programmer and I am facing a problem while using the Visio document. I am writing my codes on c# and using custom templates, stencils, and masters of Visio document.

I am coding a programmed that will take Shape Data information (properties, labels, values, prompts, etc.) and/or external data information of a shape on my chosen template.

During my work I dropped the shapes on a Visio 2007 page and I can get which shapes are on the pre-defined page.

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I am having trouble with amount calculation in C#. I am doing an invoice program in C#. When I store a value and retrieve it back, the decimal values get rounded or an additional cent come in! I can not figure it out. I think the problem is with the data types that I am using.

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