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I am new to C#.Net I need to know how to connect MS SQL Database using C# language.

Please describe the process.

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I need to know how making an array of array is done in C#. Below is my code:

TextBox[][] tbArrays = new TextBox[16][];
tbArrays[0] = tbArray0;
tbArrays[1] = tbArray1;
tbArrays[15] = tbArray15;

I don't think I've done it right but can you check it please? Also how can I pass an array to a function?

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It's been a long time i used DataContext Menu to set up a C#. 2010 application, and I’m already getting an error message:

"Error 2 'RpcSupport.Attestations' does not contain a definition for 'Receive_Date' and no extension method 'Receive_Date' accepting a first argument of type 'Rp.Att' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) C:RPAttes.aspx.cs 94 16 RpSup.

att.dbml using the designer, but it doesn't have the "Receive_Date" column in the extension methods.

Please help me figure out how to fix this.

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I have a set of data as web pages in .txt format. I want to remove html tags from it.

Write simple line of codes in any high level programming language C# or C++ for me.

Thanks in advance.

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I have got class declared like this:

internal private abstract class BoxGroup<TS> : IBoxGroup where TS : SavedState

In that class I have this method:

protected virtual TS saveState() {
    return new SavedState(Width, Height);

I thought that this will be correct but I see red line under return statement and Resharper says that new SavedState(Width, Height) cannot be converted to TS. I don't know why. I thought that TS can by any class that extends SavedState but also SavedState itself. What can I do to correct it?

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Please help me convert MS Office documents to PDF with C# program. I also need help to convert Word files to be like Excel files and PowerPoint files and etc. with some reference to microsoft.office.interop.Word and microsoft.office.interop.powerpoint. I am a C# developer. I need really your help on how to convert these files.

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 Please help me I am beginner in using C#. I was trying to access mail inbox in lotus notes using C#. I just need to see the subject of the mail to know whether the subject is xxx. If the subject is xxx, please inform me the steps, if possible the procedure to computerize through a web application my lotus mail inbox with C#. I need C# application to continuously check my inbox for the new emails.

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 My company just started using Quicker as a document depository. My first test was to figure out how to gathered existing document attachments for the change, but it can be made manually if necessary. The bigger problem is I need a method to let users save attachments using my new WPF application. I found a web server that gathers docs from Quicker but it's useless because it doesn't save. I'm trying to convert to WPF from a Lotus Notes application. The old Notes application contains numerous attached documents (Word, Excel, Pdfs etc). I know that there is a REST ATOM API but I have not found any helpful documentation or samples written in C#. Where is documentation explaining how to save using C#.Net to Quicker?

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Hi Gurus!

I was a newbie programmer and I was testing a simple code when I got this error code.  I used Error Goblin to find out the meaning of the code and it just said Invalid Pointer. 

Error Goblin

Look up any Windows error code tofind out what it actually means


Error Code: 0x80000005

Description:Invalid pointer


Can anyone from this forum help me on how to resolve this error? 

Thanks for the help.


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Where do I find form attachments in Info path? How do I then encode attachments using Visual C#?

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