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Apple OS

Apple OS


I just want to have an inquiry. I bought iMac last week, and my OS software is OS Snow Leopard.

My officemates keep on bugging me to update my software to OS X Lion.

Just wondering what's the difference between Snow Leopard and X Lion?

And if ever I update my software, will my files and applications which are the downloaded stay or will they be deleted upon updating?

Hope to hear something from you.


Software Update

New software is available for your computer.

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Hi all,

I have a Maxtor E01G300, OneTouch II, 300 GB external hard drive, that I commonly use with my Win XP laptop and desktop. About 3 months ago, I bought my new Macbook.

I decided to transfer some of my files for back up, from my new Macbook to my external drive, but it won't allow me to do so, and there's a message always popping out, "maxtor cannot be modified".

I even tried deleting files, sending my maxtor to trash (OSX) and I'm getting a message, that I don't have sufficient privileges. Anyone can help me solve this problem?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi experts,

I have never used Apple's Macintosh Operating system. But I have heard that it never gets affected by Viruses!

As a user of windows OS, it is really hard to believe that an operating system never gets affected by viruses.

How is it possible and what are the reasons of too much virus in Windows Operating System?

Is there any possibility of any new virus that will attack Macintosh operating system?

Please tell me in as detail as possible.


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Hello Everyone,

I have a Mac mini and I am using WiFi connection in my office. I need to setup wireless access point in my Mac mini. My friend told me it's not possible, but I'm not sure. I think there is definitely a way to set it up. Is it possible to set up Wireless Access Point in Mac ? If it possible then please let me know. Thanks.


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Hello Everyone,

I'm using Apple MacBook 2GHz Intel Core to Duo. First of all, I installed Windows in my Mac and in the last few weeks I'm experiencing my laptop to be too slow, while it's being shutdown and turned on. I just don't know why this happened.

Is there any solution, then please tell me what to do.



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Hi experts,

How to convert a PowerPoint Presentation to PDF file, so that it can be edited in an iPad?
Thank you.
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