Apple OS

Apple OS

I had clicked few photos of a recent party with my new iPhone. I am not able to find the photos taken with my Apple’s iphone. I checked them in the Albums tab, but could not find even one there. I am very much worried and I really wonder about the arbitrary disappearance of my photos clicked on my device.

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I usually access my Apple iPhone's iOS 8 with two taps on the Home button. Is there a way where I can switch off this particular feature of iOS 8 which displays the most recently contacted contacts in the multi-tasking screen when accessed with two taps on the Home button?

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As part of the AV Foundation for iOS, AV player has an external Airplay property. I look forward to the same with Audio-Video Player for Mac OS X that can not be reached on this property available. How can my player AV stream video from my MacBook Pro on my Apple TV via AirPlay?

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As Apple has Launched NFC with its new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus but I am curious to know what is the advantage of NFC in India. Apple haven't tied up with the Brands to pay through Apple Pay. So will this option be worth using in India, if Yes then how can we utilize it. Can we transfer songs over Bluetooth within Apple Devices? 

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I am having iPhone 5S and iPad Air, both having iOS 8 installed. I was curious to know that how handoff will work on my these two devices. I use iPad at home and carry iPhone with me. So I thought of starting a work on iPad and finishing it on iPhone. Is it possible? If Yes then how?

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I am having a problem that some of the programs stops unexpectedly in my MAC operating system and quits. I need to know how to troubleshoot my MAC operating system for software issues. Do i need to connect to internet to troubleshoot any software issue? I am using MAC OS v10.6.Help me please.

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Hi guys,

I want to know why my Macbook Pro is not installing new updates. I have been experiencing this problem since a week but still unable to install updates. The actual problem is the new updates are downloaded but they are not installing, though I have checked the settings its set to automatic installing of updates.Please help me I don't know what went wrong as I'm very new to Macbook Pro & Mac OS. Please help me solve this


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When I opened my laptop this morning this error appeared on my desktop. Is for the first time when I have this error and I cannot Ignore it because it appears again. Can anyone help me please with this error ? Is there a problem with 8GB of RAM ?

Thanks !

Out of Memory

There’s not enough memory to perform the requested operation.

Please shutdown IDEA and increase – Xmx setting inoptdevToolsIntellif IDEA

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Hi there,

I did a search on the Internet about this error and no good answer was found. No one have a solution for this. A friend of mine recommended this website where I can get some help from experts. Can anyone help me please to fix this error ? What is causing this one ?

Thank you !

SCM Error

Error: 155005 (Working copy not locked; this is probably a bug. Please report) Description: commit failed (details follow):

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Hi everyone,

I am having iPhone 5C with the latest IOS version 7.1.2. It was working fine so far.

But, today I started getting one issue. It got unlocked as I didn’t use it for some time. When I tried to unlock the same, it didn’t work. I have used my friend’s phone and called my number. I am able to hear it ringing and I am able to hear the ringtone and vibration in my iPhone 5C too. But, there is no way I can take the call because I can’t see anything. I am not sure whether its display gone or some setting made this happen.

Can somebody please help me out here? Please kindly advise. Thanks so much in advance.

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