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I want to ask the Techyv users that why there is so much Spyware, Malware, Adware and Trojan viruses effecting the computer even though we just click an image or a particular add on any website.

These problems were not there some 5-6 years ago but now it has increased to a huge limit. When we click on any image on the Google image search or inside any blog or go to any website, our computers get affected by viruses.

Can you please tell me the reason and also the perfect cure for this problem?

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I was trying to install a game and Comodo was stopping the install saying the Keygen is a virus. I stopped the real time protection assuming that it was a false alarm. The game installed fine. But now Comodo Antivirus has gone crazy and trying to delete or quarantine every file on the hard disk. Please help.

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