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Hi there friends!

I'm using Windows Vista & MS Outlook 2007 on it. I'm also using McAfee Anti Spam.

But for the last two days, when ever I start MS Outlook, it gives an Error message:

Microsoft Office Outlook

The Add-in "McAfee Anti spam"

(C:PROGRA-2mcafeemskmskolplg.dll) cannot be loaded and has

been disabled by outlook. Please contact the Add-in manufacturer for

an update. If no update is available,please uninstall the Add-in.

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I am looking for a good anti-spyware software for my computer as i have been very badly affected by viruses where I had to regularly format my computer.

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I have not been able to access the internet from my desktop computer.It was working before.Now when I open the browser ,I get a message saying "The proxy server refusing the connection". My computer used to be able to access the internet, but it simply stopped all of a sudden. My computer is running Windows XP.Can someone help me please!! 

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I installed the software antivirus and periodically scanned. But I am still unsure if my computer is safe from spy. Even though I have not found the virus but is it possible my computer is still in the spy. How do we know the computers on the LAN in the spy?

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I have this annoying spyware DSO exploit that keep appearing. Spybot finds it and clears it, but it always comes back after using the web again.Everytime it is cleared it appears again and again. Is there a permanent fix?

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I am using Microsoft Vista at home for my out of office works. When I started my computer windows defender rendered an error message:

Could not start the Windows Defender Services on Local Computer. Error 0x80071b90: The system license has expired. Your logon request is denied.

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Hi all,

All the time I had the  Spyware Detector.

I have run Spybot as instructed.  It found 195 problems, all of which were related to Spyware Detector and it now seems to have removed Spyware Detector, which was a full version that I paid for. I can re-install as I have the reference number but should I do that? 

Spybot mentioned that SD is installing viruses  that detects and tells you to buy the full version in order to remove them.  Is this true or is it just bitching between rival anti-spyware organizations?  As I had the full version, it should not have been a problem for me anyway.

The error message that appeared to me is :

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My brother who is a computer engineer blocked my Facebook and chat room site which I use to access from my laptop.

I tried searching for the host file in Windows directory, but its blank. There is no file in the directory. Last time I got access by replacing that file with another same file, which my friend sent me. This time there's no such file to replace. I also tried checking in Internet explorer options but no site is blocked there. I am unable to access Facebook and not able to login to my Facebook account.

Is there any trick by which I could access those blocked sites. I am using internet explorer on windows vista.

Connection: LAN which is connected to my brothers desktop also.

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Anyone interested to fix the problem please view this post.

My flashdrive has been corrupted. It all started when i went to internet cafe and have some research. I insert the flashdrive onto the USB port of the computer. When i finished and got home I open my computer and check my flashdrive if the files that i have saved was there. When i open the flasdrive, it contains empty files?!!! It shocks me, because all of my important documents are in their and the sad thing also is i did not create a back up file. It really sucks my brain.

I think my flashdrive affected by virus am i right?

If that is so, how can i retrieve the files that are in the flashdrive?

Is there a software that can retrieve the files?

Please answer thanks.

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