Active Directory Tools Review Top 10

Reviews on Top 10 Active Directory Tools

Microsoft’s active directory gives system administrators a better way to handle network services. It is the general opinion that though active directory provides lots of features, it also requires the technicians to do more manual labor. To help minimize this problem in AD administration, there are several active directory tools that are available.

Creating task in Windows 7 using Task Scheduler

Task Scheduler in Microsoft Windows 7

It is used to run Windows programs automatically. If the user wants to run a program automatically while working with Windows 7, he can choose its Task Scheduler feature to do so.

Task scheduler is a very efficient feature and will not let the user down. It also keeps assisting the user. The user may forget a particular task, so he should create required tasks with Task Scheduler. If the user wants to clean the disk on daily routine or weekly, he may create a task schedule with Task Scheduler. The following are the step by step procedure to create a task with Task Scheduler in Windows 7.

Backup Databases with ES 2007 SP2

Backup Databases with ES 2007 SP2

The ES 2007 has launched a new feature in Windows Server Backup, among many, in SP2 to do exchange backup. It takes backup snapshots using the Volume Shadow Service (VSS) which makes a backup of the whole volume containing exchange data and not ES application itself. In this article, I will show you the installation and configuration of Window Server Backup under Window Server 2008.

Window Server Backup Installation:

- Open ‘Server Manager’ then expands ‘Features Summary’ then select ‘Add Features’.

Exchange Management Console (EMC) and its groups

Creation of Groups from Exchange Management Console (EMC)

  • Two types of  distribution groups can be created from EMC

Universal security

  1. Universal Distribution

Universal Distribution Group:

Delivering Content using Amazon S3

Delivering Content using Amazon S3

Elastic Cloud Front Cloud front provide service to serve content on a worldwide network very efficient way. Elastic Cloud front send content to its nearest site to cache the copies of the content where user stay, and through that location user receives that content doing this process Elastic Cloud Front make sure that content is secure, reliable.

IIS Installation on Windows 7

IIS Installation on Windows 7

IIS 7 can be installed from Control Panel -> Program management screen on Windows 7.

To start,

# 1. Click on Start -> Control Panel

# 2. Control Panel home screen will appear, Click on Programs

# 3. Then Click on Programs and Features,

# 4. On left pane, Click on Turn Windows features on or off

Top 100+ Software and Applications Supporting Cloud Computing

100+ Software and Applications Supporting Cloud Computing

Top 100 applications for cloud There are a wide variety of software that support Cloud Computing in different fields of life mainly covering areas like accounting, business process management, cloud desktop, customer relationship management – CRM, document management systems – DMS, e-mail marketing, enterprise resource planning – ERP, human resource management – HRM, investment tracking & management, project management, school management and many more others.

Following are the top 100 software that offer cloud computing support:

How Can I Fix Error 0x800710FE?

I am running Windows 7 Pro. My problem is I am getting Error 0x800710FE when copying files from a shared network. And the error says the file is currently not available for use. The other files are in Windows XP Pro and I am sure that there is enough storage left for copying on my local drive. However, the error is appearing. How can I fix this?

Exchange 2010: lock-and-key from within

Exchange 2010 Security

State-of-the-art won't do, even the most advanced version of Exchange Server. Security is inevitably a circumstantial matter, and you'll always have to tailor things to a custom specification. Naturally, you'll inadvertently annoy your users, since securing attack surfaces is the corollary of taking away things people used to take for granted. Access to services might be disrupted, and features are no longer as easy to reach as before.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Features

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon provides a real time virtual computing environment to use any application for business subscribers.

A subscriber needs to create an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) which contains the operating system, libraries, data, application programs and configuration settings.