How to troubleshoot NTLDR is missing error message?

When I start my PC message coming as NLTDR is missing and stuck there.

Why is that?

Functions and Usage of Blue Eyes Technology


Can anyone let me know about "Blue Eyes Technology". Regards and thanks in advance.

Restriction on changing desktop wallpaper using Group Policy

I am an administrator and would like to understand why after I already enabled the option "Prevent Changing Wallpaper" under the group policy, the users can still change their wallpapers on their own.

Can someone enlighten me?


Any solution as to why I cannot record on CD?

I am trying to record/ burn my CD but I couldn't make this possible. This is the first time that I'm going to use my CD Burner. I am using a Windows XP.

How to update Sony Ericsson j10i2 firmware version?

I have a Sony Ericsson j10i2 handset. I want to update its firmware online but I don't know how to do this. Please kindly help!

QuickBooks loading screen disappears when being launched

Anyone familiar with QuickBooks pro 2009 here? My hard drive recently crashed and I had a tech reinstall my program. However, every time I launch QuickBooks, it only reaches up to the loading screen and then just disappears. It is not in the taskbar or anywhere. The tech guy has no idea about what to do!  We tried calling QuickBooks support but they require me to have a support plan, which is just too expensive right now. I need help urgently.

Will my programs or devices work with Windows 7?

I'm currently on Windows Vista and I want to upgrade to Windows 7.  I'm concerned though if my existing programs will be compatible with Windows 7. Any insight?

Could not play movies in WMP after upgrading to Win 7

I recently upgraded and after it completed I was excited to watch some videos, sadly none of them won't play. Im using windows media player. thats good right?

Connecting 2 Computers without a networking hub

Experts is there any way to connect 2 computers without a networking hub? Please kindly help me if there is any solution.