I can’t setup my xp, how can I do it?


I made some partitions at the time of installing the new Vista first. After some days, when i tried to install Windows XP service pack 2, it was showing an error like, "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer. Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is correct.

This may involve running a manufacturer - supplied diagnostic or setup program. Setup cannot continue. To quit Setup, press F3”. Can anybody explain me the problem and give me a solution.

Need MS-Excel advice on customizing cells and its formats

I’m a new user in Microsoft excel. I can’t properly use it I face some critical problem. If you send me the proper guidelines. It’s a great favor for me.

How I improve my skill in excel? I need some tips how to change cell formats.

How to select more than one column? Row? Or cell?

In Excel and how can I change the Column background?

One more thing, I especially said that when I include a phone number in a row the Microsoft excel sends me a message formula error.

How can I solved it. please send me the solution?

No display in monitor, what to do?


I am having a problem with my monitor. Nothing is showing on my monitor. When Computer starts up, power supply fan moves, CPU fan moves but nothing was showing on monitor. Drive sounds as if working, but no beep is sounding at the time of starting the pc I checked the monitor cables.

All are fine. Then I tested my monitor on another computer. It seems like there were no problem in the monitor. So the problem must be in the CPU BOX. I don’t know what to do now. Please anybody help me. Thank you very much.

Restoring is not responding, what to do?


Recovering my pc from viruses, I am trying to enable system restore. But, I am getting the following error, "System restore encountered an error trying to enable/disable one or more drives please restart your machine and try again". Following the instruction of the error, I got same thing was happening again. Has anyone ever experienced these sorts of errors?
Then please share with me. I need good help on this topic.
Thanks a lot.

Alternative ways to repair Windows XP


My windows XP does not start. Last night I worked on it without facing any problem. But today when I start my pc it is not logging on. Loading all the drivers at the time of booting, a black screen comes out and it does not go anywhere. I tried to boot in safe mode but after loading the drivers it just stayed there with the same black screen. I wanted to repair the system with the Windows XP CD-ROM but I was not being given the option to repair it. Then I quit the set up.

Is there a way to run a repair or a scan disk to try and solve the problem without reinstalling windows?

Really appreciate any help.

Thank you.

How to solve the downloading error ?


I don't know has anybody ever experienced this problem or not, but I am unable to save iTunes onto my laptop. I have downloaded it at least 5 minutes ago. When the downloader asked me to save the software,

I saved it on the desktop. But on desktop, I found nothing. Then I thought may be I made any mistake. Then I downloaded the software again and I saved it on the desktop. But, this time I realized the weird problem. Without ITunes I am unable to set up my ipod nano which I brought someday ago. I tried to find out the ITunes in my whole hard disk whit search option, but it gone to vain.

Any body, please help me in this case. I use windows vista (If it is need to you)

Thank you

How to solve automatic logging off problem?

I have a problem with my PC. My windows XP boots up as usual to the log on screen, as soon as I impute my password, windows plays the log on sound and then just automatically log me off again, I have had many attempts to try and get windows to stay running including booting from a CD and repair, but unsuccessful.

I don’t know what I should do now. I tried to run my PC in safe mode (F8 method), but I didn’t get any result. I am planning on getting a new PC soon, but need access to my user account as there are many important documents for my work. All help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Any program is not running on my xp, what should I do?

I have been using my current operating system for the last one year. I didn’t get any major problem in it. But last night I got a weird problem that any of the programs of my PC was not running. I have a habit of keeping the shortcut icon of all programs on my desktop. All icons were present on the desktop, but nothing was happening when I double clicked on them.

It’s a really weird problem. I don’t know what I should do now as I don’t have much knowledge on computer trouble shooting. In spite of lacking in computer knowledge, I tried to restore my PC to an earlier date, but I got no result.

Can anybody help?

Any help will greatly appreciate.

Thank you.

Connection Keeps Timing out, what should I do?

I am facing a problem on internet connection on my computer while using through My Nokia N72 mobile. Previously it was working very smoothly and I never faced a problem while using the internet.

My problem is that whenever I Tried to open a page with my internet browser, It takes a lot of time and at the end shows the error “timed out”.

So I disconnect the internet and then reconnect to the internet using the same mobile, It starts working. But after browsing few pages it again shows the same error. Every time I have to disconnect & reconnect the internet connection to keep browsing. It’s really irritating and wastes my lot of time.

If laptop does not recognize any mp3 player, what should do?


I have a habit of listening to songs in my mp3 player, every time I am traveling outside. Everything was working just fine. Last night, I plugged my mp3 into my laptop to download some new songs. But, my PC was notifying me that the “USB device is not recognized”. Then, I tried to plug it in other USB ports but it still failed to work. Then, I reinstalled the USB driver on my PC. Again I got a failure. I don’t know why it is happening.

Moreover, the entire play lists in my mp3 player vanished, after trying to connect it again and again. It’s a very bad thing for me. What should I do know? Can anybody help me?

Thank you