Dell Inspire 6000 laptop has a problem on AC Adapter

My friend’s dell laptop which model is Inspire 6000. The Adapter connection is loose. Sometimes it short circuit and the charger indicator on the laptop is turn on. When the adapter attached laptop, message shows on the task bar (where battery alert icon) that it does not charge properly.

Need to click on the message to close, sometimes its charge ok and no message appears. How can be repaired the connection because I don’t want to change the laptop or any device on it? I don’t want to buy a new one, want to repair it.

No Audio Detected after Re installing Windows XP

One of my office laptop which is running windows XP and model Toshiba Satellite L510. Previously I was configured windows vista on this laptop. User is not familiar to use vista so I install Windows XP.

After installed Windows XP I installed all driver that I collect from internet. Everything is ok; previously it works slow but now works fast. But now sound device does not work properly. The device manager shows sound card installed properly but sound can’t work. can you please help me to guide me?

Consider Replacing Your Battery Error

Hi experts,

I have been using a laptop from 3 years & it's performance is very good. But got a problem from two months. Computer shows me a message, "consider replacing your battery". My laptop battery also gives battery back up, but always shows this message. A red cross icon always show on the battery icon.

I have been trying to solve this problem but failed. I want to know any solution to this. Please give me a solution for this problem as soon as possible.



Problems with my monitor or video card?

Hello everyone! I have a really big problem in my PC. It seems that the screen on the monitor suddenly turns off, without shutting down the PC. I've noticed that it turns off every time, I open applications such as, Warcraft or other games.

I have had professional help with it for a couple of times, but it doesn't take long for the problem to come back again. Some people I have consulted said, that the video card of the PC maybe damaged, while others say the monitor itself is damaged. Does anyone know what this problem really is and how can I fix it?

“Insert disc 2 to complete the installation”

I am trying to install a game in my laptop. Actually this would be my first time to install a game in my laptop, but when the installation is almost done the screen popped up an error message like this "Insert disk 2 to complete the installation" which I don't understand? I have the cd already but why did it prompted asking for another cd?

What would be the lacking of this installation? 

What would be the next step to complete this one? Do i have to buy another installer for the disk 2? Anyone can help this out?


NVIDIA GeForce 9400M G Graphic Card Problem

Last month I had an issue regarding in playing online games which I never had before, it consists of accentuated decrease in the FPS rate which is impossible to keep playing. I’m doubtful that it is due to my connection because I used to play with no hassles. And so I spent whole day to reinstall programs and restore to its factory definitions, but the problem still persists.

Anyway I’m using Acer Aspire 5737z with a graphic card NVIDIA GeForce 9400M G. Here’s the scenario:

As soon as I start the game the fps rate is about 60 which I think is fine, then at 20 minutes of playing or less, it drops to 30-40, and then it abruptly decreases to 7-10 fps which obviously an unplayable game.

Windows command prompt Tips & Tricks

Windows command prompt Tips & Tricks

With the launching of the operating systems, like windows 2000, and windows XP, the use of command prompt has declined considerably. Today, almost everything depends on windows interface, where the user, just need to have a couple of clicks through a pointing device (i.e. mouse), to perform a task. Still, some tasks are there, which can only be handled through command prompt. If it’s about removing a virus, then windows explorer feels helpless .To start the command prompt, go to Start > Run, type cmd, and press the ok button, or hit enter key.

Can’t delete, move or rename a (.flv) media file

I am facing a problem that I have downloaded some YouTube Videos (.flv) media files on my computer but I am unable to rename, delete or move the file to another folder of my computer. I can copy or play the file but it doesn’t allow me to do anything else.

The “READ ONLY” field is not checked in the properties. And I don’t know why I am unable to even change any of the properties. Whenever I tried to change the properties it displays a warning message “Access Denied”. And sometimes it shows me “Cannot delete file COM Surrogate error”.

I also tried “Windows file shredder” software but no success. It shows an error message that shredder “can’t delete the file”.

Computer Would Not Power ON

I have an over 1 year old assembled computer with a 32-bit Windows 7 operating system. It has been working fine until lately, it would not power on. Initially, I was having problem turning on the computer by pressing the power button. I would try to press it many times but the computer would not initialize nor would it create noisy/beep. Most of the times, the computer would start after several attempts of pressing the button. But today, I am pressing on the power button for over an hour now and still no go!

Why is my computer beeping?

I am currently using a dual core unit with windows XP installed on it. My unit does not have a wireless network so whenever I try to connect to the internet I have to keep it wired. So I decided to buy a NetGear 54 Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter (model: WG311v3). I successfully installed it at the back of my CPU according to the instructions in the manual. But the problem is, when I turn on my computer, I began hearing beeps and the pc did not boot or display anything on the screen.