Extending the Active Directory Schema and System Management Container

Extending the Active Directory Schema and System Management container

Extending the AD Active Directory (“AD”) Schema requires access rights to Schema admin groups. Schema and System Management (“SCCM”) installation and functionality such as Network Access Protection and global roaming require the AD schema to be extended. This action needs to be done once per forest.

Extending of schema can be done with the utility EXTADSCH.exe. This is present in SCCM installation setup files.

1.  Browse for the location SMSSETUPBINI386 and locate the file EXTADSCH.exe

Installation and configuration of SQL Server

Installation and configuration of SQL Server – Part 7

In this section we will cover SQL server SP2 installation. SCCM uses SQL server database for storing its data.

To install SQL server follow the below steps

1.  Double click on installer Seup.exe of SQL 2005

2.  Select I Accept the licensing terms and click next

Installation of Required Windows Features and Roles

Installation of required Windows Features and Roles - Part 5

We need the below Windows roles and features as part of SCCM installation.

  1. Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
  2. Installation of BITS Server Extension and Remote Differential Compression features.
  3. Installation and Configuration of WSUS Server and Report Viewer

Let’s first install and configure WDS Server. For WDS installation the below components should be ready and configured.

Installation and Configuration of IIS

Installation and Configuration of IIS - Part 4

Now that we have the AD is ready for the server with DNS and DHCP, the next step is to install and configure IIS Server. IIS is required for web based reports that SCCM support.

To Install IIS please follow the below steps

1. Click on Start -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager

2. In the Server Manager window, on right pane, scroll down to Roles Summary, and then click Add Roles.

Active Directory Installation with DNS and DHCP Configuration

Active Directory Installation with DNS and DHCP Configuration - Part 3

Here, we will look at the System configuration required for SCCM. This will include Active Directory installation, DNS and DHCP installation and configuration.

AD with DNS Installation

To configure Windows 2008 server for use as a Domain Controller, follow these steps:

1.  Click on Start > Run

2.  Type dcpromo > Click OK

Configuring the installation of Windows Updates

Installation of Windows updates – Part 6

The next step is to configure the Windows Update features so that all the required updates get installed on the server. When you start installation of SCCM, the installation wizard checks for system update files and prompt to download the required updates.

1 - Go to control Panel and click on Windows Update

2 - If Windows update is turn off, click on turn on now button.

Installation Sequence of SCCM 2007 R2 with SQL Server 2005 SP2

Installation Sequence of SCCM 2007 R2 with SQL Server 2005 SP2: Part 2

Installation of SCCM is consists of the following components installation and configuration

Introduction of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

Introduction and Overview of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is a system management product from Microsoft to support large and small organization all IT related system support.  SCCM reduces the manual tasks for IT staffs and provide asset management for all the systems across the network such as client systems, servers and mobile devices.

Why to Use SCCM

SCCM provides all IT related support across all physical, virtual and mobile environments to improve security, availability and performance across the networks.

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Yahoo, Google, Bing

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Power supplied to each of the parts in a laptop or desktop.

Power supplied to each of the parts in a laptop or desktop

Power supply depends on the configuration of a computer. A power generation unit is the only component which is used to supply power to additional apparatus on a desktop or laptop.

Most specifically, a power supply unit or power generating unit is normally designed to adapt commonly to alternating current (AC) electrical power from the main source (100-127V is used in North America, Japan, regions of South America, as well as Taiwan; 220-240V in many other parts of the world) to applicable small-voltage direct current  (DC) power used on any internal component of a desktop or laptop.