How to get task manager back if it is disabled?

Hello friends,

I am having a serious problem in my PC. I use windows XP service pack 3. It’s about 3 months ago when I setup that OS. It was quite well till last night. But, today am getting too much problems with my operating system.

It became too much slower than past. The task manager window is not running. I use ctrl+ alt+ delete to call task manager. These keys are not working. When I try to call task manager by right clicking on the taskbar, it is looking as it is disabled. But I didn’t make it disabled. I don’t know why it has been disabled by itself. While operating the pc, I use the task manager for several times. It is very important for me to get the task manager okay.

How to fix windows xp’s slowdown?

I use windows XP service pack 3 all the time. But it does last long. It becomes slower day by day. I use Avira free antivirus to protect my PC from viruses. It does not give so much memory pressure on the ram. After passing several day form installing the XP, every program becomes slower.

They take so much time to start. I use System mechanic and other PC speed booster based software. But I get no result. I do not know what is the real problem? I have changed my hard disk and Ram. But it is as same as the past. It still takes loge time to start any program. My system configurations are below:

Intel Pentium (4) 2.26 Hz, 512 DDR ram, 160 id HDD, Gigabyte 81845GE-RZ (-c)

How to uninstall a program which is denying to be uninstalled?


I have been using the McAfee anti virus from last month. It scans well but, I think it gives too much pressure on my ram. So I took the decision to replace the anti virus with Avira antivirus. I collected a Latest antivirus from one of my friends. I installed it as normally as everybody does.

How to solve freezing problem at the time of installing XP?

My PC was freezing at the time of installing windows XP. Some days before, I took the decision to set up my operating system again. It was because my system became too much slow.

I usually use windows XP service 3. The last day I began to setup XP. I use bootable XP disc. The first time it started normally. At the 2nd phase of setup, I mean when it requires for the serial number, suddenly my system got hanged. I tried for many times to setup xp. But when it reaches at that phase, it freezes. Then I thought I might be an error of the Disc. Then I tried another XP service pack3 disc which was brand new. But I got the same problem.

How to solve ps2 port problem?

Ps2 ports are not working on my motherboard. Some days ago when I turned on my PC, I saw the mouse and the keyboard was not working. I thought it may be a loosening problem of their cables.

Then I unplugged them, from the ps2 ports and reconnected them into their ports. But, I got no result. Then I tried another mouse into that port. But I didn’t get it repaired. Then I became sure of that my ps2 ports are damaged. I do not know how to repair them. So my keyboard and mouse became useless. Instead of using a ps2 keyboard and mouse, I could use USB keyboard and mouse. But my keyboard and mouse are so expensive and they are of my favorites.

How to enable or disable the folder option in XP?

Hello all,

I do not know whether it is a problem or not. But it looks a problem to me. My folder option is looks like it is disabled. Yes, it may be disabled, because when I click on the folder option from the view tab, it was not showing. I don’t know that how it becomes like that. I have searched on the control panel, but there is no item which shows the enabling and disabling option of the folder option.

I need the folder option to see some of my exclusive private files. But now I am unable to see them. Some my question is that what should be the procedure to make the folder option enabled. I am using Windows XP SP 3. Please anybody help me to make my folder option enabled. I will be very thankful to him.

Thanks a lot.

How to show the hidden files if not showing normally?


Friends, I use Windows XP Sp 3. I have some private files on my PC hard disk. I use to hide them by just picking a tick on their properties window (in the hidden tick box). Recently I am having a great problem that my has hidden files are not showing while it is enabled from the folder option menu.

How to open OBML files on PC?

Hello everybody,

I got a problem with OBML files. I use Opera Mini mobile browser as the default internet browsing app in my mobile.

I save several important pages while I browse them through Opera mini.

Opera mini mobile browser saves the page on *.OBML format. It is quite well-off for mobile to recall the pages.

But I failed to open these OBML files on my pc.

I tried several sort of software to open that OBML formatted files.

I searched on internet with the key word “how to open OBML files in pc”.

But I did not found any such software to support OBML files.

So, I want to know that, how to support an OBML file in a pc?

How to solve video error?

Hello every body,

I have got a new sort of problem on my desktop hard disk. I have a (*.vob) file on a drive of my hard disk which is very important for me. It was video file. I do not have any backup of that file.

At the first time when I copied it from a flash drive, it was quite well. Some days ago, when I played that file it was not running to its full duration. It began to stop when it reaches at 2 min 41 seconds. I tried several types of video players. Such as- VLC, GOM, Winamp, REALONE, etc. But it wasn’t running after reaching on that duration. After some time my PC began to freeze when I was trying to play that video. This is a new sort of hang.