Opposing Operating System: Windows 7 over Windows Vista

Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista

Versions and Variations

Windows 7 is the latest OS from Microsoft’s arsenal, the previous one being Vista.  There was a big hype when Windows 7 was released that its performance will be better manifold when compared to its forerunner Vista. 

We will see here whether Windows 7 lived up to its expectations or not.  Also, we will see if Windows 7 is better than Vista and if so, how?

Vista and its Flavors

Top tips for Windows Server 2003

Top tips for Windows Server 2003

Some very useful shortcuts and tips for all Windows Server 2003 users. It is a fact that Microsoft takes us for granted! Yes you heard it, the company thinks that we can read their minds, but the fact of the matter remains that some things are best learnt when someone posts them on the internet!


Run As? Isn’t that dangerous!

Uses and functionality of Wireshark

Uses and functionality of Wireshark

What is Wireshark

Wireshark is a free open source packet (network protocol) analyzer- the most popular in the world. Basically, what Wireshark does is that it captures all information related to network activity from a computer.

This information can then be used to perform important actions like troubleshooting and diagnosing any network performance difficulties. It was originally known as Ethereal until 2006 when the name was changed to Wireshark.

Why is this used

What is WAMPP and XAMPP packages?

What is XAMPP

There are a number of AMP type packages around. This article is aimed at explaining what exactly an AMP package, is, which packages are available, and take a more in-depth look at the XAMPP offering, and what differentiates it from the others.

AMP – What does this mean?

The term AMP includes any software package containing the following:

Wireless Technologies Era: Wi-max VS Wi-fi

Wi-Max versus WiFi

The human society has been divided into different ages and eras depending upon the different types of advancements, progress, and developmental stages of evolution through which it has passed during the course of the history.

Test prints to be given to all printers in the building?

Hi All,

Test prints to be given to all printers in the building each day as a printer check for quality and if any issues.

I want some script that can run as a scheduled task and give a test print to all printers which team members in charge of the floor will just have to go to the printers and check.

This would be a very useful help if automated.



Powershell or VB codes to replicate between DC

Any script that we can use to replicate between Dc's.

I want to force replicate Can anyone help me with a script preferably Powershell or VBS.

I can schedule it to run and can have it replicated as I want.

NT workstation machine not able to add to domain

NT workstation machine not able to add to domain.

Is there a known issue or a solution anyone knows how to add a desktop to the Domain?

My domain is Windows 2003.

I just have one desktop that needs to be in this OS for a few months and have had no luck adding it to the domain.

In opposition to MS-Outlook and Lotus notes

Outlook Vs Lotus notes

Microsoft Outlook – An Overview

Description Microsoft Outlook deals with numerous accounts, such as MSN, Exchange, IMAP, Hotmail, and POP accounts. It offers several effective ways and filters to thread, organize, find, and label the messages.

Internal Characteristic of Hard Disk and impact of rpm

Internal Characteristic of Hard Disk and the impacts of RPM

Hard disk or hard drive is the main storage device of any type of computer. Besides the storing pattern with RAM, the main difference of hard disk is, it has “non-volatile” characteristic. That is it does not lose its data due to power cut.

Unlike RAM where bit is recognize as the “presence” or “absence” of volts, hard disks store data based on magnetization. But before jumping onto it, we need to understand the construction pattern of a hard disk.