Oracle Developer Forms Runtime error

Hi guys,

I am working on my oracle server and what caught my attention is this error message as follow:

This started when I added an additional user. Before I add a user, everything seems to be doing great. I did not remember adding user limits in the configuration file, that will ban user addition. I already checked on the services, all are up and running. I rebooted the system on the apprehension that there might be some error loading or some glitch, but when I started again, the problem still exists.

Please somebody who has an idea on oracle help me solve this system issue. Your suggestion is highly appreciated and welcome.

AMD Phenom II X2 560 Black Editions Versus Intel Core CPUs

AMD Phenom II X2 560 Black Editions Compared to Intel Core CPUs

The processor is an integral part of a computer and is considered as its main processing unit. Without it, the computing device will definitely not run. Therefore choosing the best one for your computer will surely provide benefits. These days, processors are being innovated and improved. Some have simple specifications to various quads are now a days available in the market. Companies and manufacturers compete in terms of quality and performance of their product.

A Look on the Apple iMac (21.5-Inch, 2010 Version)

A Look on the Apple iMac (21.5-Inch, 2010 Version)

You can see many computer producing companies claiming that they are producing the best laptops to replace all the desktops. Many companies claim that their product is better than the others because it performs a number of functions that can be delivered by various products; somewhat a complete packaged laptop. However, no matter what innovation other computer companies may add to their products, nothing will be able to beat the apple iMac, the king of all kings, because apple just stays on top.

Test Mail Sending Error message


I have sent many times test mails for checking server’s connectivity and it works always . But the last time when I sent a test mail after setting up the server, I received this error as in the above image. I have checked well the ever settings there’s nothing that I see missed but still it gives the error.

To get this solved ,I re-installed the server and reset its settings, but again when I sent an test mail it gave the same error again. Now I am a bit confused here, that why is that happening when there is no problem with the server or its settings.

If anyone of you have been ever through this type of error and have got it solved ,then please share your experience with me, so I can get out of this problem.

Thank you!

Exchange Mail Error message issue


All mailers, I have a task for you, but your order bass on my side.

As you can see the error in the picture, which I'm facing an error while sending email through outlook although my email address is valid, and I have confirmed that I already sent an email to the same email through another mail service address and it worked, but you cannot imagine you do not the case here.

The error message says to check the event viewer for more details of the error. When I checked the event viewer, it showed a message as email values is not valid, but I don't understand what you meant by 'values'. You attempted to send mail to another address that one was sent, but I don't know why not sent to this address.

Mail Service Problem error message issue

Hi Its Jennie here,

Hopping to get some help on an issue of sending mails via other then company services.

I as a client, when try to send email ,I am asked after entering the email address and my message to enter server name and then to select mail protocol I enter all information correctly.  But when I select MAPI and click next it responds back with the a message that you can see in the image.

I don’t understand that why is this configuration not getting done.  I mean I contacted my admin and asked him to sort this issue out and he said that its all well at this side and he has enabled MAPI, then why do I get this issue on my side.

Email Server Error message issue


I have an email server which I use to server for sending emails.

Some of my clients are reporting me this error as in the image.

I have checked my server thoroughly ,there is nothing wrong with it or its settings.

Many other clients are sending mails smoothly ,but those who are reporting this error problem, I visited them myself and tried to send email from them to the server and entered all information correctly including the server name, but it gives the same error on their computers.

SQL Interaction software Error issue


Ok let’s sort out this problem if you can. I have software which runs with SQL Server. I didn’t have access to that software database. Actually I can still access its password, so I can generate reports from it. Yesterday I was working on the software and was trying to get a report  from it about the whole day's work  and then the SQL Server automatically gave this error as in the image that there was an error with reading results of the SQL statement.

Power Designer missing Error issue

Hi all,

I can't explain this error a lot to you. But as far as I went to its bottom, I found that some table fields are missing. Though it's giving a table missing error, you can see next to it that it says table or no view found. It means that maybe the table exists, but table field is missing and that’s why the database is not able to view the table completely for proper results to be displayed.

I understand the database issues, but yet not able to sort them out.

If anyone of you can clear this error up, then please let me know. I have attached a screenshot of the error, so you can actually see what the error is given by the system database.

Power Pivot Excel Error issue

Good Morning,

This morning I am here where this new issue I have Oracle database with SQL server installed on my PC.

I was just using power pivot for Excel to when I received this error.

IT has been working just fine, but just this morning when I turned my PC on it gave me the error.

I am not familiar to this error and neither much it power pivot for excel.

So if there is anyone who knows why this error is shown up and why the connection to the server is failed though the SQL server is running well and the database I attached to it. I have checked it through SQL Enterprise manager, but everything is just working fine.

So in short I need this problem to be solved as soon as possible. Please share your views.