Public Function Code in Excel VB Programming


I am learning Excel VB programming. It is quite easy. But I don't get how to use custom function in here?

Public Function gradeCal(gpa As Double)
            If (gpa >= 5) Then
                Return "A+"
            ElseIf (gpa >= 4) Then
                Return "A"
End Function

How to create a custom Popup form in Excel


I am doing some work with Excel. I am not much familiar with VB but the Excel macro seems easy and interesting. I have yet used MsgBox and buttons to do almost everything. The Excel sheet was the main window which is used as a form for hosting the other stuffs.

For example if i need 3 data to input I use something like

x = InputBox("enter the value", "Its the title")

3 times.

Now I think it would be cool to have my custom popup messages/forms for doing all these. But how do I do this? Please help.

Excel Programming Help Sum formula


I have been playing around with Excel a few days. It is really a nice tool. I can do a lot of calculations here with less effort. I have also heard that it is possible to do some programming with excel too. So i thought i will try.

Here is what I want to do first.

My present sheet has 7 columns each are having a value (cash amount) in each of them. The 8th column holds the following equation:


So it gives the summation of the left 7 columns. The equation changes from A1 to A25 , depending on the row number.

Common Commands use in Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

SMTP simply defines how command back and forth. Each device is free to choose a software  package for implementation.

SMTP use command and responses message between Message transfer Agent client and MTA server.

SMTP is a common protocol for sending email on internet and for retrieving message its use POP and IGMP protocol.

SMTP use command and response for communication.

Each command is terminated by a two character end of line token.

Here are some commands :

HELO - sender’s host name

How to fix spyware/adware issue?

Hello Dears,

I am a user of MS XP professional edition and I am facing an issue of spyware. In fact, a few months ago I had purchased a product named, Lenovo ThinkPad T61 and I installed AVG Antivirus professional, along with Microsoft Windows defender (registered).

However, from the first day, I have been facing a problem. The advert pages appear in my browser continuously. The window which appears is usually for a reasonably credible advert like eBay, Walmart etc. Also the title at the top of the advert pages screens always use to begin with a specific symbol.

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager

“Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager” is quite a mouthful, so let’s begin by breaking it down:

Microsoft – that huge software systems company; which we sometimes love, sometimes not.

Systems Center– a range of management solutions to “help IT pros manage the physical and virtual information technology (IT) technology across data Centre, client computers and devices” is how Microsoft describes it.

How to fix system restore point issue in XP SP2?

Hay Guys,

I am running XP service pack 2 and having a critical issue while using it. The issue which has occurred to me is that I cannot restore my PC to any previous restore point. Whenever, I want to restore via restore wizard it starts to restore but in the end computer gives a message that no change has been made. I have tried this particular trick at several restore points but none of them was restored successfully.

How to fix cursor racing scroll issue?

Hi dear,

I am a user of MS windows XP SP2 and I am having an issue related to my mouse cursor. The issue I have is that my cursor is not in my control anymore. Actually, Last night, I think that the surge protector has given up the ghost. In result the computer and a lamp went out rashly.

After that incident I got my computer restarted again but now I am observing that there is a high-pitched sound as like a keyboard, which should have been locked. And even anytime I use to put the cursor in a typing-window or address bar, my mouse cursor just races away to the other end of it. For some reason over the last two weeks I have gotten a specific message that windows of mine may be counterfeit and I should have had it for literal time period.

How to fix wireless connection error/issue?

Hi All,

I have started to have an issue with my wireless connection. Actually, I have the Wireless on my laptop and it is not been able to find the wireless connections around me. Whereas, I am still able to use them properly on other devices such as my cell phone etc.

When I use to make a wireless connection via my laptop, it sometimes connect but probably not more than 15 minutes or even less than this. And even whenever I try to connect again, it no longer detects any connection or modem not at all. Moreover, as a result those connections which were available in the beginning got lost.