Approaching Web 2.0 and all its issues

Approaching Web 2.0 and all its issues

All about Web 2.0

The notion of Web 2.0 started with a seminar brainstorming meeting between O'Reilly and MediaLive International. Dale Dougherty, web pioneer and O'Reilly VP, documented that far from having crashed, the web was more significant than ever, with stimulating new submissions and sites popping up with astonishing regularity. What's more, the businesses that had endured to have some things in common. Could it be that the dot-com disintegrate assessed some kind of rotating issue for the world.

A Quick Guide to DLLs and Drivers

A quick guide to DLLs and device drivers

Some of the terminology in computer hardware and operating systems can be a bit confusing. In particular what makes certain components talk to other programs and where things are stored?  This is a quick guide to DLLs and device drivers.

Cloud Computing System and Its Layers

Cloud Computing System and Its Layers

Cloud computing system stunned the world with its introduction. From day one, businesses around the world have shown interest in the functionally and the systematic engineering of this system. However cloud computing has ever been challenged by its reliability, security and pricing issues.

LCS 2005 contrary to OCS 2007

LCS 2005 versus OCS 2007

In most enterprises the real time communications and instant messaging (IM) became important communications tools since late 1990's. But in many enterprises the implementation of these systems has taken place in a disorganized fashion.

All about Active Directory Auditing (AD Auditing)

AD Auditing

Chalk it up to human nature, but all part of the job when you are running servers. Political scientists put it nicely when they ask, "Where and when does who gets what?" Who's logged onto which computer? Which resources are they requesting?

Of course, we know there are all sorts of logging and auditing tools lying around. The problem doesn't lie in accessing the information, but rather picking out the useful bits. If you run a high-security environment, for example, you will have to figure out how to track access to specific resources. Essentially, an audit is a systematic approach to the question of "who got what?"

Hyper-V in windows 2008 server

Configuring Hyper-V in Windows 2008

It will be helpful to begin by understanding a few important terms as follows:

Virtual means not real and refers to something that is just conceptual with no physical reality whatsoever, this term finds popular use among computer experts/scientists. It can be compared to an engineer’s design of a road; the design is not the actual road but is rather an imaginary road. A computer scientist can refer to the road design as a virtual road.

Forget 2007 : Migrate from Exchange 2003 to 2010

How to migrate from Exchange 2003 to 2010

Sometimes all the planning in the world won't do. You know very well that Exchange Server 2003 is simply crumbling away in the face of demands in the late nineties. So you take a look at 2007, and then decide to wait for the first Service Pack, which popped out a little bit sooner than you'd expected. Before you know it 2010 is out, and you've made all these plans for migration.

5 best free print server managers

Here we discuss on some of the best print managers

CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System)

It permits a workstation to act as a print server. The workstation job acts like a host that can recognize related jobs from patron computers, course them, and drive them to selected printer (to a selected printer/ to the selected printer/s). The data for printing goes to a scheduler who runs jobs by a filtering system and converts (is converted) into a format suitable for the printer.

Hoist that cloud: Migrating Exchange Servers

Hoist that cloud: Migrating Exchange Servers

Kudos to Microsoft for refraining from clouding it up. Every old-school service provider is racing to rebrand its products in the name of cloud services, but most of the time there's nothing new on offer. But if you're only after scalability and remote server hosts, you can always go for an Exchange solution from the software giant's Business Productivity Online Standard Suite.

Journaling under Exchange 2007 (ES 2007)

Journaling under Exchange 2007

Journaling is the ability to record all messages flowing in and out of an organization. It is necessary to do in, mid to enterprise, organizations where confidentiality of the data is important. With Hub Transport server in ES 2007, journaling can be done centrally otherwise done in ES 2003, but still possible in ES 2007.

This article goes through journaling done on server with Hub Transport role while the other method will be covered in next article.

- Open Exchange Management Console (EMC) to select Hub Transport (HT) under Organization Configuration (OC).