17 iPhone Applications explained in detail

iPhone Applications

1- Scanner Pro:

Through this application, you can easily scan your documents. This application is mostly used in US, France, Italy, Australia, and many more countries around the world. You can scan multiple pages and documents, after scanning, you can email them or you can also upload them to your drop-box.

2- Job Search:

Through this application, you can find jobs using the most popular and comprehensive search engines. There are a lot of features on this application:

How to export a Access Table to Oracle


I have a big table in Access containing some records. I need to export them to Oracle database running on the same machine.

The table has only 3 fields. Transaction ID, Customer, Salesman.

How do I send them to Oracle? Do I need to create a table there or something like that? I do not know Oracle. 

Is there any simple way to do so? I played around Office 2007, export option but the closest I could get was to export to a text file. My friend said that you can also use this text file as an input in Oracle. But it sounds confusing. 

Interfacing a robot arm with C++ in linux.


I recently built a Robotic Arm to move objects by human Control. The model was fine and effective. So my new partner who is an Image Processing expert wants to work as a team to expand it.

The problem is, he is on Linux. I don’t know much of Linux. So is there any way I can interface the controller with a PC running Linux, using C++?

The current design uses a small keypad, having 12 keys to control the arm(8) to move (4) to up/down/hold/leave . Each of them generating a 8 bit signal. All I need is to generate the signal from a PC rather than a Controller pad.

How to increase default table space size of a custom Oracle?


I have a user created in Oracle by the name "joseph". The initial table space was named as "tspjoseph" which used a data file named "josephtsp.dbf". Unfortunately, I set the size to 1GB which is not full filling the requirement. My whole software is up and the database is also filled with important data. Is there any way I can increase it, without affecting the current data?

How to combine two or more photos?

I want to combine a couple of  images, like placing them together and still undetectable. I want it to be realistic and at the same time easy to do. Can anyone help me?

Freeware Video Converter with good quality

I have been searching a Free Video Converter for so long, and unluckily I haven't found yet the perfect software that has no watermark and good features on it.

Here's my journey in searching for the kind of software that I'm looking for:

My USB ports are not working, how can I repair them?


I am having some troubles with the USB ports on my Desktop PC. Some days ago, while I used to using a flash drive on that ports, it was not working properly. After restarting the operating system, it began to work. I faced this problem for several times and I used to solve this problem by restarting the pc. But this time I have got a serious problem that these ports are not working anymore and this problem is not being solved by restarting the PC. I tried every possible solution to my PC. But I got failure.