How to fix issue of folders and drives opening in separate window?


I am here to ask a technical question about my PC. I have been using Microsoft Windows XP since 2008 but I have not seen an issue with my operating system as it is being faced by me right now. The problem I have got with my system software is that my folders or even drives us to open without any follow-up.

Mean, whenever I open any folder or I click on any local disk drive, it opens in a separate window rather than in the same window. Suppose. If I would like to open five different folders in a single drive then they must be open in each separate window. For overcoming at this problem I have applied different methods and used various tricks but no gain till yet.

Error in using DBCA:Warning: aiowait timed out x times

Hi all,

We have RAC installed on 2 T2000 machines. Solaris 10, patched IPMP for failover on all interfaces, NetApp NFS for data file, voting disk, etc. Oracle installation, binaries, etc. are on local disks.

All configurations were according to Oracle/NetApp docs. And there were no issues during installation. When we try to create the db using dbca, the process hangs during data dictionary creation. There is only one error message "Warning: aiowait timed out x times". All the NFS partitions are mounted force direction, and we have tried to disabled in Oracle.

CPU fan wont increase RPM when under load.

Hello members,

I got a problem with my system's CPU fan recently. It stopped to increase its RPM when under load . So, I can't use my system for heavy duty works which is obviously a big problem for me.Because, my system is getting too hot when I use it for heavy duty works. It actually occurred after I upgraded my video card to a GTS 450 from the old video card (8800gt).

Kindly, help me in this. Thanks.

A Comparison of Zipping Utilities

A Comparison of Zipping Utilities

There was a time when storage space and bandwidth were precious commodities. So techniques were developed to compress data, by means of obscure algorithms and shoddily designed GUI's (if they are generous enough).

Now we've all got broadband and terabyte hard disks. For the computer-literate in the 21st century, compression is mainly synonymous with video codecs, which are handled in a totally different way. There's the old archiving job, but the shell command that comes with the operating system handles it easily enough. So are zipping utilities going the way of the dinosaur?

Windows XP Media Centre Edition

Windows XP Media Centre Edition

Windows XP Media Centre Edition is a program in the Microsoft Windows XP operating system which is specifically designed to play the role of a home entertainment hub.

A snapshot of the Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005


Is it possible to setup password to PDF files??

PDF files are a good place to store data. PDF files are non-editable which makes it more stable. But it can be editable using some kind of software so i am thinking about the security of the PDF files. Is it possible to use password protection to PDF files? If it is possible then how can it be done? I like to know the procedure of the process.

PDF files are a very good format to store data inside it so important data can be stored if the Password protection can be applied. This will help to handle very secret data and it will give very secure transfer of data's. So its very important for me as well for those people who use PDF files regularly in their work.

I hope a detailed answer which can help me to learn about the process.

What is the Differences between Static and Dynamic IP address??

What is the Static IP address? What is the Dynamic IP address? I have heard those terms but never understand what are those things. I basically know that the IP addresses are the numbers which is assigned to a user to identify him in a network.

I have used LAN so I understand only these things but in the Internet I don't know how the IP address works.

What are the differences between the Static IP address and the Dynamic IP address? Is there any advantages of Static IP addresses? And similarly is there any advantages of Dynamic IP addresses?

And please tell me about their Disadvantages also. Why this two type of IP addresses are used why only one is not used? And at last how can I know my IP address and how can I know is it Static or Dynamic?

What is the system32 file??

In Windows operating system, in every version I have operated. Till now I haven't seen the System32 file. What is this?  Why this is named like this, why the "32" is given in the file name?  What is it's job?  I have seen that if I delete this file, the system fails. Why? Why is this file is so important and if the file affected by any Virus what happens? Is there any way to repair this file? And is there any way to replace this file if it's deleted?

PCI Sound Card Incompatible with Win XP Pro

My Elite MoBO has a complex multichannel audio output capability which is beyond my comprehension (or interest). I bought a PCI sound card to replace it and this works fine for my purposes--streaming radio, system sounds and the like.

However, it is a rickety thing--very often minor activity causes loss of access and a check in Sounds and Audio will show no audio device detected. I then uninstall the driver for the PCI card, shut down and reboot and the sound is back until the next problem (which has been as simple as changing the volume control on my speakers.)

Device not recognized (USB 6008) in Windows XP Embedded

I have successfully installed the NI USB 6008 device on quite a few XP Embedded machines. I'm not sure if XP embedded is supported or not. But it seems to have worked up until now. We now have a new batch of XP embedded machines and I can no longer get the driver to install.

I have tried using both the NI DAQmx v9.0.2 and NI DAQmx v9.2.1. I have also tried the full download (all crazy 1.2 GB of it) and the 'Core' version. All of the versions claim to install successfully but when I plug the USB-6008 into the USB port Windows says the USB device is not recognized. I found a patch for a USB problem (NI-DAQmx and applied that but it hasn't made any difference.