Technical differences between SQL and Oracle

Technical differences between SQL and Oracle

Oracle DB:

Oracle Corp is the leading supplier for s/w products, headquartered in Redwood shores, California, USA. Now they have 43000 Employees in 150 countries. Oracle is the first s/w company to develop and deploy 100 % Internet-enabled enterprise Software.

DNS issue with my wireless router

I have been having a problem with my D-Link wireless router lately. When I tried to diagnose the issue with Windows Network Diagnostics, it shows the following message: Windows tried a repair but a problem still exists.

Windows Network Diagnostics

Cannot communicate with Primary DNS Server (IP REMOVED).

Network diagnostics pinged the remote host but did not receive a response. Reset the network adapters "Wireless Network Connection" Resetting the adapter can sometimes resolve an intermittent problem.

Can someone please help me? 


NMI: Parity Check/Memory parity error

Hello brothers,

Why is this happening all of a sudden. how can I fix this. I cannot afford to replace any spares not can I buy a new one.

Its a old P III desktop and was working fine till today morning.

I haven't added anything new nor.

Hardware malfunction.

Call your hardware vendor for support.

NMI: Parity Check/Memory parity error.

The system has halted.

Any help is of great use to me.

SQL-related Stored Procedures (SP) and Dynamic SQL

SQL-related Stored Procedures (SP)

Normally, a stored procedure is said to be an independent module of programming instructions accessible to submissions getting into a ‘relational’ DB scheme. Stored procedures, which are also known as sproc, proc, StoPro, SP or StoredProc, are retained in the data dictionary of your database.

Connection Error on Google Talk Service: Error 1 Unable to Connect

Google talk has issues.

Could not connect to Google talk service (error 1).

Connection Error

Could not connect to the Google Talk service (error 1)

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I have been getting this for a while and using yahoo messenger but would need this working as i have many of my friends there. Is there a fix for this. is this a known issue.

I was Goggling and landed in this site which has a lot of other issues handled but not this.

Can any of the experts help me please.

SQL, How To Select Columns, Rows And Join Tables

SQL, How To Select Columns, Rows And Join Tables

Selecting Specific Columns From a Table:

SELECT command, used to retrieve information from the database, allows you to select the columns to be including in a query. A query is a request for information, and one of the most common DB operations. Queries are performed by the SELECT command. A SELECT command must have at least two clauses; the first one is SELECT (the columns to retrieve) and second is FROM (the tables which contains those columns). You may place the clauses on the same line or on separate lines but always follow the last clause with a semicolon, e.g.


Data File did not close Error on Outlook 2007

Hi Mates,

I have office 2007, and i get the below message when using outlook.

For a few weeks though it will go away but now its been high time i take experts advice to get rid of this issue.

Would need some solution that can fix this issue.

Microsoft Office Outlook


Microsoft Office Outlook

A data file did not close properly the last time it was used and is being checked for problems. Performance might be affected while the check is in progress.



How to get Visio ShapeData information with C#?

I am a programmer and I am facing a problem while using the Visio document. I am writing my codes on c# and using custom templates, stencils, and masters of Visio document.

I am coding a programmed that will take Shape Data information (properties, labels, values, prompts, etc.) and/or external data information of a shape on my chosen template.

During my work I dropped the shapes on a Visio 2007 page and I can get which shapes are on the pre-defined page.

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Its Usage

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Its Usage

Basically there are four layers in the model of cloud computing:

  1. Business Process as a Service
  2. Software as a Service
  3. Platform as a Service
  4. Infrastructure as a Service

In this article we are going to discuss Software as a Service (SaaS) layer of cloud computing model. Software as a Service i.e. SaaS actually refers to the situation where the service provider provides customer the software applications by means of deployment over the internet. Sometimes SaaS is also called software on demand.