How to set proxy to my ip address.


I am new to use networking materials. Well I wanted to ask that I have some proxies I bought it recently but it is not working it is based on only like that ( port 8080:

This is not working with me and I need it urgently. I am new but if you tell me how to use, I will understand it. If it has any video please give me the link.

I will be very thankful to you if you will be responding to my question. If anyone knows the solution please send it to me here.

I am waiting for your reply.

This is a new site for me, I wish that I will get good response.


WWJ Applet wont work in Mac OS

Hi experts,

It's my first time using a WWJ, and I liked it.

I'm using (for developing it) Netbeans 6.8, WWJ SDK 0.6, javac 1.6.0_22, and OpenSude 11.3 (64bits). Once that is compiled and placed in the web, my applet works fine in Linux (Openuse and Ubuntu) and Windows XP and 7 using IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. 

But when I tried to view the applet in Mac OS, it doesn't work using Safari and Firefox. The applet doesn't even start and not even asking for trusting the jar, and also says nothing about the JNLPAppletLauncher.

Using OpenCV with codeblocks in Windows

Hi there,

I recently got my hands on image processing. I am using opencv. It is interesting, but the problem is I am used to coding with codeblocks IDE.

It is a free IDE. But the openCV installer I downloaded, OpenCV-2.1.0-win32-vs2008; seems to be for working with Visual Studio 2008 only. Is there any way I can use it with codeblocks and mingw?

How to save a website as PDF


I am Benton. I am a hobby blogger and a reader of internet articles. I browse a lot of sites and sometimes I save them for future offline viewing. Oftentimes, the saved pages act weird like image not showing up, tables having no data.

I wonder if I could save these pages as PDF. Even un-editable will do. I just need to be sure that the page content appears correct.

How to handle remote website issue (in laptop)?


I guess this probably is like telling a mechanic that my car is not starting and asking him to tell me over the cell/mobile what the problem is or what to do. Here, for unknown reasons all of a sudden my laptop is not connecting to the remote web site. 

Oracle 11g uninstalling problem Windows 7 Machine.

I am having trouble uninstalling Oracle 11g from my Windows 7 PC. If anyone can help me then it will be really appreciable.

How to create a password reset disk in Windows 7 ?

Can anyone help me creating a password reset disk, in Windows 7?

Yahoo messenger text problem. Cannot see any text.

My Yahoo Messenger is not showing any text! I can't see any text being sent to me in a chat window; I don't even see my own replies! Can anyone  help me please!

Adding Primary key constraints Oracle

Can any one help me altering an Oracle table? I have made a table and it has some data in it. But unfortunately, I forgot to make any primary key on that table. Is it possible to make a primary key now? I don't want to delete my previous data, that is already in the table.

Error in opening network control panel.

Hello everyone,

Am facing an error please help me out. "Every time I try to go to the network section of windows control panel, a message appears saying 'Your system administrator has disabled the Network Control Panel.' What does this mean and what can I do about it?"