Defragmentation of Active Directory Database

Defragmentation of Active Directory Database

Active Directory:

There are many essential tools used in Microsoft Windows Servers and Active Directory is just one of the core tools present in Window Server platforms. It is important to define what Active Directory before explaining what Active Directory Database is.

Resource kit in operating systems

Resource Kit in Operating Systems

Resource Kit is a set of software resources and documentation released for Microsoft's software products.   This kit is a must for any athlete Windows soul and can work as an executable try of the tier professionalism on the applicant of Windows agnate berth.

Active Directory Schema (Management tool)

Active Directory Schema

Active Directory is an important management tool used in Windows Server and it offers central authorization in a network. Active Directory provides many directory and network services. Microsoft Active Directory is based on Novell e Directory and it also includes some modified versions of existing protocols that have been updated with time.

Computer Network and Sharing with Windows 7

Network and Sharing with Windows 7

Computers are becoming a basic need of each organization, institute, and for personal use. An end user is required to have an Operating System in the computer to be able to perform daily tasks that include both professional tasks and tasks at home. Microsoft, in this context, has launched several Operating Systems with the passage of time. Microsoft Windows 7 is the currently launched and a marketed Operating System.

Facts about Hardware devices and their invention

Hardware devices with their invention dates

1. A router

Router is a network device used to interconnect more than two computers sharing the internet. It was first invented in the year 1974 and named as Xerox router.

2. Repeater

This is a device that amplifies attenuated signals being transmitted over a wide area and distance. It was invented in the year...  (Not sure of the year. Anyone who knows, please comment)

Exchange 2007 CCR (Cluster Continuous Replication)

Clustering of Mailbox Servers based on CCR Clustering

What is CCR Clustering?

Cluster Continuous Replication or CCR is a new feature of Microsoft Exchange 2007. It is a combination of active/passive Windows Clustering found in Windows 2003 Server which has a capability of combining Exchange 2007 log file shipping and replay features.

A CCR cluster is referred to a set of mailbox servers clustered in a way that each Mailbox server maintains its own copy of database that is attached exclusively to it. These server-maintained, databases replicate with each other and work in Active / Passive mode.

Various tips on windows 7 Operating system

Various tips on windows 7 operating system

Windows 7 is one of the latest operating system that is easy to use and occupies less space on the computer hard disk. It has several tips that distinguish it from other operating system. It allows you to do some things which you would have thought of as unreadable.Here are some of tips of Windows 7 that differentiate it from other operating systems.

1. Windows 7 helps you in solving problems in your computer. When some application stops performing properly all you will need to do is press windows key plus R button to open the run dialog box. Type “psr” and press ok.

Step 1:

Exchange server Edge 2007 Part 3

Exchange server Edge 2007 Part 3

What is Edge Server?

Edge server role is one of the 5 email server roles introduced in Microsoft Exchange 2007. This server role is responsible for the email delivery and receiving to and from internet.

What Does Edge Server Do?

An Edge Server’s basic function is to provide an entry and exit point for all emails sent and received from the organization. Emails coming through Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA), and Outlook Anywhere (OAW) versions 2003, 2007 & 2010, Windows Mobile devices or any other smart phones using Active Sync have to pass through the EDGE server as directed by the HUB server if they are outbound or inbound.

Top 50 Definitions of Cloud Computing

Top 50 Definitions of Cloud Computing

As a topic, cloud computing is yet to be defined. However, the following are the 50 descriptions. Read on:

1.    The lively stipulation of Information Technology (IT) potential including software, hardware or services from some third parties on the network is known as cloud computing.

2.    Cloud computing is a form of computing, in which, the entire systems, servers, submissions and other components associated to facts and numbers hubs are made accessible to end-users and IT via  Internet.

An overview on Cloud, Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Cloud Hosting- An Overview

Cloud hosting is quite in the air now days. Some people might be hearing it for the first time but the fact is that the technology is not actually new and has been existed for quite a longer time irrespective of lack of awareness among certain section of people.

Almost everyone today is a part of this cloud hosting due to the fact that they all have used Google at some or the other point of their life and Google actually is amongst the most popular and largest promoters of the whole idea.