Working Principle Of All Atm Machines


Bank transactions is a significant aspect of human needs and are evolving a long way since people started using banks.  One major role of bank transactions and cash withdrawal method is the working of ATM’s. ATM, having its abbreviation, automated teller machine is the procedure of receiving cash without the aid of a bank employee or cash accountant in the bank. The ATM’s are now available from street-to-street in every locality, across various regions, and are very useful for the general public in case of emergency.  A person having a credit card or a debit card is the basic requirement of using the ATM’s.


The primary need for an ATM’s is to expand the sales profit since these allow the user to withdraw cash from any available system. The transactions from an ATM avoid the excessive charges or the pay given to job done by a bank employee. The essential aspect of the ATM is the elimination of bank disputes. Theft and robbery of your cash are minimally reducing since ATM has its security completely.

ATM all over the globe is under continuous camera surveillance. ATM transactions save time and work. Availability of choosing between languages helps people across various cultures to receive cash. The consumer will every time get the receipt of the cash withdrawal henceforth reducing further confusions or mismatches in cash withdrawal.

ATM’s are a very flexible form of cash transacting. Newer technologies are being in introducing where there is no need to insert the card into the slot. Another innovation is that the person could choose the type of denominations needed by him or her making the process more convenient. The ATM is hence the most significant form of banking without the bank.


  • Very secured form banking
  • Unique account numbers for every candidate.
  • Multi-linguistic.
  • E-receipts for every single transaction being done.
  • Cash can be dispensed in required notes.
  • The exact amount of expected money can be withdrawn.
  • A technologically flexible form of banking.
  • Quick and immediate results from a transaction.
  • No withdrawal fee is to be given.


Although there are so many important features of an ATM, the cons of using them are also taken into consideration. If a card is lost, then the outcomes of its missing will be worse. Skimmers are people who transfer money to the near-by robbers, and they do this by placing the access card on the machine in other fraud ways. If the camera in an ATM is under repair, then there are high chances of theft inside the ATM. Sometimes the cash is withdrawn by overdrawing and hence this makes the consumer pay an excessive stipulated amount.


  • The next tip may sound vague but works actually! If a person uses a specific ATM frequently, then the person using the same consistently avoids fraudulent activities.
  • Even if there is a very minor change in the ATM, do check it once or twice and inform it to the concerned.
  • Avoid people seeing your transaction and pin number back of you in the ATM.
  • Do ensure that pin number is unknown to anyone unless they are your family.

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