Why The Powerful Iphone 12 Will Come Without A Charger


It’s no news that Apple released its latest series of iPhone with no charger or Earpods in its design box. This is the same with all apple products released to the markets in recent times, including Apple watches. However, a charging cable is included in the pack (USB-C for the iPhone 12), Apple wants interested buyers to sort out their own iPhone charger that can be connected to their wall socket. Apple is known to be one of the best manufacturers of tech products, but the new iPhone 12 with no charger or Earpods – how does it sound to its product lovers?

The company has come out to address the whole world; their reasons are straightforward. Lisa Jackson, the vice president of environment, policy, social initiatives at Apple during the launch of the New iPhone 12 said customers have over 700 million lighting headphones and many have now shown interest in wireless technology. Apple company have produced over two billion apple chargers across the globe, and this doesn’t include the billions of apple chargers made by third party companies. In order to reduce the carbon emissions (a major cause of global warming), they decided to remove chargers and EarPods from the slim iPhone pack box.

With the removal of some items in the pack, iPhone 12 packaging box is significantly reduced. Jackon claims seem to be reasonable “considering all these factors, the changes made to the new iPhone 12, they are able to cut over 2 million metric tons of carbon annually. With this, apple should be able to fit up to 60-70percent more product on a shipping pallet, thereby increasing gross revenue.

Some major accessory manufacturers say the move is cool, offering customers more alternatives. Apple deserved all the accolades for taking a bold transparent step to reduce its environmental impact as a result of its production. However, sustainability experts are doubtful the move will make a significant impact. I know by now, accessory makers are given enough breathing space to produce the best iPhone 12 chargers and maximize their profit.

Electronic Waste Explosion

A report researched by Global E-waste Monitor 2020, supervised by Ruediger Kuehr, head of the sustainable cycles show 53.6 million tons of electronic waste was generated in 2019. This stat was announced in the United Nations University with efforts from other organizations such as the International Telecommunication Union. Also, critical estimation was carried out and the numbers might spike up to 74 million metric tons by 2030. The wastes generated by these companies are enormous which led to looking for new ideas to reduce electronic waste.

When we talk about electronic waste, these wastes could include items such as batteries, cables, appliances, screens, and phones; these items become junks at the end of its lifecycle. These items still contain traces of precious components like gold, copper, and iron. The report indicated the estimated economic value of raw materials in global waste is $58 billion. The majority of these global-wastes end up as scraps in developing countries like Thailand and Nigeria; Some group of people has made millions of dollars from it by scavenging for these valuable parts and extracting them out. Unfortunately, electronic waste also contains toxic materials.

The report also indicated that a sum of 71 kilotons of (brominated flame retardant) plastics and 50 tons of mercury are discovered across the global flow of electronic waste annually, which is released to the environment in large proportions and impact on workers’ health.

Apple devises a schedule that reduces toxic components included in its hardware. In the company 2020 Environmental Progress Report, the company has invested resources and knowledge into developing an alternative to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), an essential raw material used in the production of power cords. Power cords are not free of toxins but have low ecological and toxicological risks. There are advancements in the research but the desired material is yet to be found.

Apple believes it’s essential to consider the impact of chargers and Earpods removal from the latest iPhones will help reduce electronic waste. Even if the third parties produce the so-called “best iPhone12 charger” there will be a limit to production because Apple didn’t give a sample charger design that will work effectively.

The removal of a charger from the iPhone 12 box doesn’t mean people won’t need them especially when we are in a world where we grow tech-oriented people. People may use the chargers that are available at home or visit some shops to get the Best charger for iPhone 12. The environmental effect of these accessories should be put into consideration.

The relationship between charger and iPhone is not linear. There is a tendency you will be buying more iPhone chargers to power up your iPhone 12. There are many reasons which include faulty adapters due to technical error or unstable power supply. You can order for the Best iPhone 12 charger and it will serve you for a long time before needing a new one.


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