Why Is Simulation Important In The Mining Industry


The mining industry is evidently the industry that is the most prone to dangers. By dangers, we mean risks to both life and property. And if these dangers come true, it can cause real loss. The loss of property might as well be compensated for, but life once gone cannot be given back.

This is the reason why simulation is needed in the first place. It creates a prototype for any mining situation that is going to be introduced. Let us have a look at the core reasons why mining simulation software is essential in the mining industry.

The ultimate test

Using simulation software, the industry can have an overall idea of the actual working conditions under the ground. This way, any risks or hazards can be identified, and the industry can have the time and sample space to come up with proper tackling techniques. So, simulation is an ultimate test and can even serve as a backup plan.

If we see simulation as a test, it is actually a great tool to save life and property that are put at stake when people and machines are sent underground on certain missions. This, in itself, is a great achievement because it will assure the miners that their life and health are not in danger.

A proof

While running a mining simulation is entirely in favor of the safety of human life and assets, it also works as evidence in case things don’t go as planned. While it might not sound good, one can never trust nature. Unimaginable can happen. Of course, we can take all safety measures, yet we can not be a hundred percent sure as to what happens underground. When mishaps take place, the entire industry is answerable. They are the ones that will be asked questions about what happened and how.

In this industry, there is a considerable risk involved with people and machines working. The miners are even asked to fill up a form before they start working. So, in the time of accidents, the industry can use the simulation reports as proof. This can save the mining industry from legal trouble if simulation reports are clear. Because simulation reports usually denote the risk, and the industry has to take precautionary measures. If the industry has taken the measures and still the accident takes place, nature is to be blamed, not the industry.

Check of efficiency

This factor comes to play when new models or plans are being implemented in the industry. Using simulation software, the new model can be set up, and the working of humans and machines under this alien situation can be monitored.

After monitoring, a report can be developed about the efficiency of the new model. Using this report, further modifications can be made to the model. This check of productivity can help save the industry from any danger because a plan, in theory, is very different from a plan in practice.


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