What Message Types Work Best For Your ELearning Browser Notifications?


While marketers across all industries are hooked to implement push notification strategies for both mobile and browser for all of their campaigns, they tend to forget that the same generic notification design wouldn’t do wonders every time. Hence, the need for different push notification designs arises.

Fortunately, there are different types of message designs that work best for attracting the attention of your prospects, especially in the eLearning domain. As already known, browser notifications advantages for elearning companies are growing rapidly, make this growth even more significant and maximize profits by adopting the different message types mentioned below for your notifications.

Guides and Toolkits

 One of the most useful methods to educate users about your products/services is by providing them a guide along with toolkit, which will help them provide a hands-on experience on the same. But, when you choose to do this make sure to segregate your audience first and offer them a guide specific to their interest and catering to their requirements. Moreover, don’t forget to make sure that these guides deal with trending topics that fascinate your audience. Use clear CTAs and browser push notifications to promote them effectively.


 Educating your customers and enhancing their knowledge is an important aspect of elearning business. And, one of the best ways to do this is by offering them a valuable ebook to increase their knowledge about the usage of your product or service. On the other hand, you can target your eBook by guiding towards the customer journey. So, share your free material and avail your customers’ contact information in return!

Free Demos

As already stated above, knowledge enhancing is a vital part of eLearning business, and free demos of your product or service are yet other methods of doing the same. Offering free demo is also one of the most persuasive marketing strategies which attract the right prospects. A compelling CTA combined with an attractive offer gets you the desired qualified leads.

Offers and Discounts

Who does not love discounts and offers which are exclusively for them? So, make your prospects feel special and delighted by sending across eye-catchy offers ensuring that they are specifically designed for them as it will provide satisfactory results for your marketing campaign.

Event Promotions

If your eLearning business is hosting an event then there’s no best way to promote it than browser push notifications as it will not only create awareness about the event but also act as a means for inviting people to attend it. For instance, live webinar is what your audience might be interested in.

Free Trial

Lastly, you can offer your prospects a free trial of your product. This will not only encourage them to buy your product (the free trial) and if they liked it, they might also opt for the premium version in the future. Keep your audience hooked to your brand with the free trial message type!

Now that you’re aware of the different message types which work best for your eLearning audience, don’t refrain from implementing these in your push notification campaign. However, make sure to choose the right time and the right type of content when targeting the audience as it plays a crucial role in the success of any push notification campaign. Delivering value and communicating relevant information to your audience is of utmost importance. So, get started already!


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