Using CMS for Web Development


Using CMS for Web Development

A lot of websites in the net uses CMS. One factor is it provides rapid development. It has built in libraries you can use easily and cuts the time needed on creating your own functions. But is it really ideal? In web development or any development there are things that must be taken account. First is how the system works, are the functions working well? Most CMS have built in functions that has been tested and could be at least 99% error free.

Compared to developing from scrap, you need to test it again and again to make sure it fully works. Second is security. CMS systems provides security measures, however, since it is a system that are also used by other people, it could be easily exploited as well. It is natural for some people would sure find or try to find loopholes to exploit. Third is updatable. Is it easy to update your website in case there are changes to be made? For Most CMS, it is easily done since the tools are already there. 

Either using CMS or not, depends on the goals you want to achieve. So before rushing to using a CMS or traditionally spend time on development, better think it over and over before you start your development.


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