Top Web App Development Trends Driving Innovations


47 percent of the website visitors first go through the product or service page of a company before exploring the other parts of the website. – Hubspot” The web development market is continuously evolving at an unstoppable pace. Almost 80 percent of the organizations have already migrated their business over the internet. Why don’t they-they are getting everything they need- from a valuable customer to the high revenue. This trend is becoming so popular because handling key business operations for a company through the web or mobile application has become so easier and successful. Various technologies are involved in driving this technological journey at a smooth rate. Let’s explore the key factors behind this advancement:

Internet of Things (IoT):

“IoT analytics market is chasing a 37 percent growth from 2017 to $151 billion in 2018.” IoT is the technology of connecting assets for maintaining a communication platform among them for collecting data. Industries from a manufacturing unit to the FinTech, everyone is leveraging IoT for streamlining their business operations. In the past few years, the use of sensors, actuators, programmable logic controllers, etc., has increased drastically leading organizations towards a safe and data-centric environment where they can optimize their workflow. A survey conducted by IDC reveals that the overall spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to reach $1.2 trillion with the CAGR of 13.6 percent by the end of 2022.

The introduction of edge computing and fog computing like technologies are availing new opportunities for developers to create IoT applications which can process data in the real-time at the network node. Thus, non-useful data can be eliminated at the network node saving extra space for storage.

Modern industries such as healthcare, retail, supply chain, FinTech, manufacturing, laboratories, etc., are leveraging the IoT based applications to attain their objective. Wearables, mass flow meters, sensors for temperature, pressure, etc., are the gadgets influencing this growth.

MEAN Stack Development:

The demand for MEAN stack developers is increasing as the MEAN comprise of JavaScript language for developing web applications such as Mongoose database, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS. Thus, developers don’t require to learn various languages for both front-end or back-end development making the whole process easier. One can go through the MEAN Stack Developer Course, blogs, FAQs, videos, pdf, etc., to explore all the steps involved in this web app development. Learning MEAN will empower the career growth at very high rate availing golden opportunities to deliver valuable services to the organizations.

Artificial Intelligence:

“The global artificial intelligence market is estimated to reach 89,847.26 million USD by the end of 2025.” The technology of the future has emerged as a powerful resource for driving the modern web app development. From simple static websites to the complex e-commerce are using AI in various ways from generating leads to providing a personalized experience. The advance developments like the recommendation engine, pattern analysis, automated voice or text enabled chatbots, and great UI design is the result of AI. Companies are using intelligent models to generate high revenues.

With advancement in the cloud, the development of AI-based application has become as easier as one can leverage platforms like Lex, Polly, IoTCore, etc., to create and deploy their web app.


“The Statista report reveals that the augmented and virtual reality market is taking over with unstoppable pace and expected to touch 209.2 billion USD by 2022.”

VR and AR are the technologies which have the potential to alter the interaction of a user with websites. Big giants like Google, Samsung, and Amazon are investing a big amount in AR/VR technology. It can present an incredible experience of the virtual world so that user may not be able to distinguish between fake and reality. Now, these technologies are not just limited to mobile applications. Modern websites are using them to achieve a great user experience.

Cloud Computing:

“The cloud computing market is expected to reach 411 billion USD by the end of 2020.”

Cloud computing simply means everything accessible over the internet. In this modern web app development trend, the role of cloud computing is significant. The incredible services for the platform, infrastructure, storage, network, security, etc., are the main reason driving the growth of this industry. The best part is these services are accessible from anywhere anytime. From a simple static web page to the complex machine learning applications development has become so easier and faster task.

Whether you want a platform for testing or looking for a lean deployment- cloud is the best option. And the best part is you have to only pay for what you used.


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