Top Ten Best Internet Café Software

There are numerous software suites available for the people who engage in the cyber cafe business and need software assistance from time to time. The software for Internet cafe proves to be excellent and helpful software to the users in managing the clients and the customer terminals. The software comes in different price package, and the installation process is also different. Many software is present and comes with the installation file for the server and installation file for the clients as same. However, there exists software for an internet cafe that has a different installation file for the client and the server. In whatever packages this software comes, it always helps the users to manage the operations of cyber-cafe from a single personal computer controlling all the activities. So, let us have a look at the top ten best internet cafe software.


Cyber Cafe Pro is the most recommended software solution for the management of an internet cafe. The software has an extensive range of features for managing internet cafes, cyber cafes, community centers, and even libraries. The software works smoothly and has a user-friendly software interface. Further, the software has features for controlling and tracking the activities of the employees.


The next software, in our list of the top ten best software solutions for the management of internet cafes, is the Antamedia Internet Cafe. The software Antamedia Internet Cafe is a comprehensive software solution for the users of the Windows operating system. The software allows its users to create bills and to restrict the different access of the computers by the users.


My Cyber Cafe is a software tool for managing the internet cafe and the client terminals. The software avails its users with the options for hiding the personal desktop icons and controlling and restricting the access to the computer system. The software has extensive features for managing the accounts and security of the customers. Further, it avails the users with prepaid as well as postpaid payment options.


Krisan Cafe is another software solution for the administrators and owners of Internet Cafes. The software has extensive features for managing the price and schedules of the customers. Further, the software allows its users to monitor the screen time and the activities of the clients. This software avails its users with postpaid as well as prepaid payment options.


The most affordable software for managing internet cafes is Pan Cafe Pro. The software Pan Cafe Pro is a comprehensive software solution for application management. It offers users with extensive software features for users in limiting the sessions and controlling the strength of the members. Further, the software supports many other languages for the integrated platform.


Net Cafe Pro is a flexible and comprehensive software suite for managing internet Cafes. The software avails the users of the application for controlling and monitoring the time duration of sessions. It has features for keeping a note of the starting and ending of a client’s activities. Further, the payment of the clients can also be monitor from the software.


The next software on our list is the KStreet Server. The software is a comprehensive platform for users to control the members’ activities. Besides, the software allows users to create backups for servers and the terminals of customers. This software avails its users in managing the customers and the queues of waiting members. Further, the software has separate installation files for Server and Clients.


The software iCafe Manager is a software solution for managing the operations of an internet cafe with the available features in the application. The software allows its users to monitor the clients and creating plans for payments. Further, the software avails the users in blocking various unwanted websites. This software is suitable for MAC users.


My Cafe Cup is another software without which the list of top ten best internet cafe management software cannot be complete. The software My Cafe Cup is an intuitive software solution to control the operations of the business. The software allows its users to add clients and manage the sessions and create reports. Further, the software is user-friendly and easy to use. This software also allows the users to take benefit of its free version.


Handy Cafe Internet Cafe software is the tenth software solution in our list of the top software for managing the internet cafes. The software Handy Cafe is a comprehensive software solution for the users in managing the sessions of the clients. This software is freely available to the users to download and install on their personal computers. Besides, it protects the device from security and malicious threats.


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