Top Languages To Be Learnt In 2018 To Boost Up Your Career

We will be talking about a topic which is the most common question for a beginner,  which language should be chosen to start with so that a person remains updated with the latest technology and the answer lies below.

Here I begin with the list:

Java:- Though about 6,000 jobs have been reduced in Java from 2017 to 2018, Java is currently about 20 years of age and is used by a large number of developers and an uncountable number of devices worldwide. 90 % of all companies mentioned in the Fortune 500 list use Java as a language for server-side and also for the development of backend. It is pretty much clear that Kotlin has been declared as the official language for Android Development but currently Android apps run using Java. Java has been consistently performing in the market for a nice time, so a basic knowledge about the concepts is a must.

The syntax of the language is quite long but follows an easy approach sooner or later Java is going to be replaced with languages that have a compact syntax. Opening for jobs are there but usually, the company seeks highly experienced professionals.

Xamarin:- This language is created by Microsoft. This is very interesting to learn in these days, as there is a boom if smartphones in past few years and it will be in the upcoming years as well. This language is to develop cross-platform Applications, with cross-platform implementations available. One can code once and implement for both Android as well as IOS devices. A person who wants to have a hands-on experience in Mobile development would like to try this one. The salary packages are decent and lots of jobs are being created for the same.

Swift:- Launched 4 years back this language is gaining importance in IOS development whether it is wearable devices or iPhones etc. The syntax is very simple as compared to previously used C and Objective C in IOS development. This language is an independent one and it is not necessary for the developer to learn C or any other language as a prerequisite, no doubt basic knowledge of concepts is necessary for learning any language. But if you love iPhones and want to make apps in the same field the swift has a bright future at least for a few years from now. Jobs er widely available even the starting package is nice enough as compared to Android development.

Kotlin:- Last year only Google launched it and announced it as the official language for Android app Development basic concepts of Java are used in this language but in terms of syntax and variable declaration this language is pretty much ahead of Java. Aspiring youngsters who want to make some quick bucks must go for this one right here. The compact size of the code leads to the creation of compact apps which further leads to the great and seamless performance of apps in devices. a lot of jobs are available in the market for this language, but the pay scale is quite low if you are a fresher.

Python:- If you want to really jump into the Artificial Intelligence the AI, then this is the right choice. Machine Learning robotics attracts some complex logarithms . Python is lightweight and nice performing language many websites have been replacing Java with Python as their main Language in last 2 to 3 years.  A great scope exists if one learns Python with great interest in the upcoming decade. It is pretty much clear that we are moving towards a machine era so Python is the right choice and is easy to learn for a beginner. A lot of jobs for Python developers are available out there. A decent experience in the same field can fetch you a handsome salary package.


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