Top Games must to play!!


Top Games must to play!!

Some amazing games that you must play before you die.

Games must to play

Carmageddon (1997-2000)

This game is not only about racing but something entirely different. It’s a pure unadulterated evil, violent, and boosts a freedom to win the race by any of your preferred means: crossing the checkpoints, wracking other opponents, or you may kill the pedestrians. The last level of the game takes place in a nuclear reactor, and the aim is to hit the button which destroys the reactor and causing world destruction. In the world where everyone is trying to be politically correct in this sense, each game comes with a sense of fresh air to breath. A gamer after playing the game says that he must wait for some time as he may drive that way in the real world.

Super Mario bros (1985-2010)

The most fun, addictive and the all-time hit game of the SMB series, has gained almost a good rank. Truly the best franchise in the past, the present and the future. This series had crashed master platforms like SEGA and Play Station.

God of War (2005-2010)

The GOW franchisee had continuously gained much popularity one after another. Title of the series pushes up the limit of gaming console, and each series is showing more destruction one after another. This series doesn't seem to be stopping the progress.

Road rash (1991-2003)

The funniest motorcycle racing game ever made. Almost everyone who owns a computer must have enjoyed it. Elderly rich lady play road rash at SKOR as her grandkids never lets her play at home.

Grim Fandango (1998)

The most classical game having an adventure is by telling a story and no other game tells a story better than Grim Fandango. This title is one of the most outstanding and best products.

Aliens v/s Predator (1993-2010)

This game integrates three games in it. A horror FPS (marine) a stealth FPS (predator), and the alien game that can’t be compared with any other in the franchise. Nothing can beat the fighting of two big villains.

Call of duty (2003-2010)

Every release of Call of Duty franchise has developed more strength than the previous launch. COD holds the rank of the largest selling FPS. A good combination of action with weapons which seems to be real, with tight levels to give a feel of a real situation of action, and good game to be played by those going toward experiencing real action.

Prince Of Persia (1989-2010)

A good example of art in its excellence .Its suspended above all the other platforms of its type. Simply rich and elegant and still holds its position against the new era games. Prince of Persia targets killing of bad guys, saving the world, and rescue the girl.

DOOM (1993-2010)

Unlike all the other FPS games, there stands the DOOM. The first game invented as a multiplayer death match. This was the first 2.5D game which was a progress on shifting to 3D games. The graphics work far more excellent than the current generation.

Grand Theft Auto (1997-2010)

GTA has upped its city and features to a large extent with each release. Rockstar gives thrilling adventures to shake up the player. If you enjoy, or wanted to enjoy the mafia life, then you must try the series, at least once.


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