Top 5 Weirdest Video Games Ever


Some games are unique and manage to bring a new concept into the world. But, for every innovative game idea out there, there is at least one bizarre concept that will make gamer think “how can someone think of this?”.

However, even the flat-out bizarre games have their share of fans, so if you’re into weird stuff, this list may be just for you. If not, at least you’ll get out of the experience with something cool and interesting to tell your friends.

Muscle March

This game is both creative and entertaining, but in order to enjoy it, players must go over the weirdness of the concept. Designed for WiiWare, Muscle March has a bunch of bodybuilders and a polar bear running around in tight panties, looking for the villains who stole their protein powder. Yes, you heard it right!

But this is not the weirdest part as, while they run in a perfectly straight line, these muscle heads also perform a series of poses so they can fit through the wall holes left by the thieves they pursue. The game ends when the perpetrator is caught, and the protein powder is safe in the ownership of the bodybuilders.

Goat Simulator

This one was first designed as a joke, but because videos simulated gameplay became extremely popular, the developers decided to release it to the public. Basically, the players get to impersonate a goat and have the opportunity to bring destruction and mayhem wherever they go. Recently, Goat Simulator got an update that turned the entire experience into an MMORPG and the main character into a microwave. Try to top that level of weirdness!


If the title isn’t explicit enough, Octotdad is about an octopus who is a dad. While this may not sound too weird, you’ll understand why the game is on our list when you learn that the octopus must impersonate a human dad.

If this is not crazy enough, try watching (and playing) an octopus who wears a suit, drives to work, works in an office building, and raises a family! We can promise that you’ll have a lot of fun while doing so, as the game is hilarious.

Weird Browser Games

The games we mentioned up until now are stand-alone apps that need to be installed on your phone or PC to work. But if you truly want weird, there are lots of craziness in the world of browser games!

Platforms like Crazy Games host games such as Shell Shockers (in which you take control of an egg and wield a variety of weapons) designed by independent developers, which means you can always stumble over a diamond in the rough.

Even more important, the database is updated regularly, so viewers have access to the most recent titles. While it’s true that it may take a bit of research and digging to find the weirdest games for you, we can guarantee that you’ll enjoy the results.

Bad Mojo

We end the list of the weirdest games ever with a character that’s been turned into a cockroach (he used to be human) and is forced to roam disgusting areas in order to get out of his predicament.

Behind all the grossness of the action and the weird visuals, the game is filled with unique and interesting puzzles. However, the main challenge is in ignoring the idea that you are a cockroach!

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, the idea of weird is subjective, as everyone sees it differently. For instance, a game like 2 (where you need to take over property by forming complete loops on the map) can strike some players as weird while others see it as entertaining and relaxing.

In many cases, creativity and uniqueness are seen as weird at first but then recognized as a stroke of genius. So, don’t dismiss weirdness too fast, especially in the world of video games! Give it a few tries before you decide you don’t like it.


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