Top 10 Productive Apps 2018

Work can be tiring. Learn more about the world and yourself. But let’s face it: Usually, this is just the task you want to do as quickly as possible.

1. Wunderlist

There are many application list tasks, many of which are very efficient, but if you want to arrange your life, only a few people can submit them as Wunderlist.

Getting started with the application is easy, but the more opportunities you explore, the more resources you’ll find. You can generate actions from redirect emails, organize relevant items in folders to save, add dates and attachments, receive email notifications, in-app messages and more.

You can easily share all or all of your lists with others to simplify collaboration in complex projects. You can assign tasks to others as needed, and the review system allows your team to discuss the latest issues.

2. TeamViewer

No matter how good your organization is, sometimes you are in one place, the files or people are somewhere else. This is where TeamViewer comes in handy. Once configured, this powerful free private utility gives you access as if you were sitting in front of them.

You can conduct web conferencing with voice, video, text, whiteboard, file sharing, and more. Cooperate with up to 300 people at the same time and even record meetings for future reference.

This is more than just a desktop computer. The latest TeamViewer allows screen sharing on iOS devices, which is not possible anywhere else. Now, TeamViewer’s upgraded Android app provides one-click logins, using up to 80% fewer data.

3. Evernote

Productivity is more than just working on your desk. Ideas and inspiration can occur anywhere, which is why you need Evernote to connect them. Whether it’s a quick task list or a long article, you can add it to your Evernote workspace. Search for images, screenshots, links, and content for web articles – anything that might help you with your current project.

Any note can be accompanied by a “reminder” with the option to send an email alert for important tasks. The Smart Search tool collects everything you collect to find the details you need. Laptop computers can be synced to all devices as needed, allowing you to view and work from anywhere.

4. Trello

It is easy to pull cards on the Trello board. Cards can be separate tasks with additional priorities and due dates. But they can also be a more important reference list, with attached files and images containing hyperlinks to another location.

Trello has many collaboration tools to help you manage your projects and innovative features to ensure ease of use. Just an example: Aging clouds are getting stronger and stronger. If they are not accessed for a while, you can see the age of the plates, disappear and may make them yellow.

5. Pocket

This is the first rule of the web: even if you spend a whole day on the internet, it is not enough to explore all the interesting things. So, you can open more and more browser tabs, add bookmarks you can no longer find, or send your email links for future reference.

Pocket works as a central storage space for articles, videos, and other content for later viewing. These are not necessarily linked only – Pocket can download content for offline use – if your options are as good as you want, you can share them directly via social media.

6. LastPass

Passwords are a safety nightmare. Whether it’s built, sharing between devices or inserting 16 hidden characters on a small mobile screen, password templates are now very complex and can’t be used manually.

It quickly creates a secure and reliable password and then saves it in an encrypted vault. Your password is instantly available on all your devices, so no matter what you use, LastPass will automatically log in with a single click.

This is just the beginning. LastPass can also remember and use other details – for example, fill in the payment details and automatically send them to the online store.

7. G SuiteIt is a free online productivity app for creating documents (Google Docs), spreadsheets (Google spreadsheets), presentations (Google Slides), and more. It may seem too much, but do not be delayed – so using one or two Google Docs features can help simplify your life.

For example, would you like to work with others to create a great idea? Instead of sharing endless emails or subscribing to some online meeting services, edit it in real time, and add comments at any time.

8. Buffer

The buffer is a complete social media manager that allows professional individuals to make, allocate and track the performance of social media features in one place.

Scheduling is very flexible and can set different dates and different publishing time for other social media accounts.

You can create posts in your free time and add them to the program queue, which will be automatically published according to the schedule for each account.


There are a variety of ways to set up a meeting, but that process may sometimes be more embarrassing than you want. For example, participants may have to use the same program or all programs for the same service, and even then, you may not always get the required features. focuses on ease of use, making it easy to start. Anyone can hold a meeting with one click, two clicks, or join a meeting by typing the icon in a web browser without having to download or install anything.

Meetings can be easily scheduled and recorded, and voice support enables participants to connect or use microphones and their device speakers and can easily move and share the screen to show ideas and collaborate with others.

10. MetaCtrl

MetaCtrl synchronization software enables intelligent background synchronization between Android devices and some of the most common cloud storage services around it, including OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box.

After the setup is complete, cloud storage files are automatically downloaded to the device. Delete the file in one location and delete it in another location. This also applies to multiple devices to ensure they are always up to date.

If you’re using cloud storage on your desktop, this will look familiar, as is usually the case with desktop software, but Android apps allow you to manage the process yourself. This is why it may be logical to install the MetaCtrl application.

11. GanttPRO

GanttPRO is an Online Gantt chart online that helps deal with individual as well as team tasks. Thanks to a Gantt diagram view, all the plans, as well as their dates, are plainly seen on a timeline. With GanttPRO, users are able to track responsibilities and the whole plans’ development. Employees are constantly knowledgeable about the statuses and also avoid risks and misconceptions in organizing.
Collaboration opportunities in the cloud-based GanttPRO are powerful. Project participants can work together in real-time: comment tasks, attach files, leave descriptions to assignments, export their charts in PDF or PNG and also share them with a public LINK. With real-time notifications, project participants will recognize all adjustments.


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