Top 10 Open-source Database Software For Small Business

A database software tool is a tool that enables users to store data in them. Also, these software applications can be used to handle, manage, store, and retrieve any information. The database management system has made it easier for people to store and retrieve any information easily and quickly. The term database refers to the large set of data. The database management system enables users to access the data present in the database system. The data in the database system is classified into four groups, namely, data definition, update, retrieval, and administration. The following are the top ten database software that is available freely.

Redis is one of the top database software tools that is specially designed for small businesses and start-up companies. The most beneficial feature of this tool is it supports numerous data structures, like strings, lists, maps, sets. bitmaps, spatial indexes, etc. Additionally, the Redis database management system is compatible to work on Unix-like operating systems. Redis database software uses an idea of keys and values to store the data. However, this software is designed for the single-process. It does not support multi-threading. Hence, Redis cannot perform parallel execution of tasks.

MongoDBMongoDB is yet another best database management system. This tool is open-source and is available freely. MongoDB is usually a NoSQL database management system. Like Redis, MongoDB also uses the approach of key-value pairs to store the data. This software tool offers high performance, scalability, and reliability of the data. The best feature of the MongoDB software system is Auto-scaling. This tool is a cross-platform software and can be installed on Microsoft Windows, Linux, etc. operating systems. MongoDB software is used widely by many business firms. The other features of this database system are commendable and offer a user-friendly interface to its users.

CouchbaseCouchbase is yet another top database software tool used widely. This tool incorporates multiple advanced features that enable users to store and manage the company’s data more comfortably. This software is also a NoSQL database management system. The advanced features of the Couchbase system include memory-first architecture, geo-distributed deployments, workload isolation, etc. Additionally, this software tool supports users to handle mission-critical applications with ease. The Couchbase database management system supports SQL query languages (SQL), and also the server can integrate easily with ANSI joins.

Apache HiveApache Hive is the most commonly used database management system by many businesses. The term “Hive” refers to the data warehouse system used for storing, analyzing, and querying large data sets. Apache Hive database system supports the ACID properties of the data that ensures data integrity and reliability. Additionally, features of this database system are shared Hive megastore, scheduled queries, low-latency analytical processing, Spark integration with Hive, security improvements, workload management, materialized view, query results cache, and connection pooling. The feature of the connection pooling incorporates HikariCP JDBC connection pooling.

HBaseHBase is the Hadoop big data store. This database management system is used nowadays widely. The HBase system is based on Java and is an open-source system. Like other database systems, this system supports NoSQL. There are multiple features that make the HBase database system more popular. HBase system supports Java, REST, Avro & Thrift APIs and supports MapReduce over HBase data framework. The other features include replication, automatic sharding of tables, load balancing, compression, bloom filters, server-side processing, etc. The most advantageous feature of using HBase database software is it enables users to create and use the flexible data model.


CouchDB is also a NoSQL database management system that enables users to store the data with unique names. This software has the best feature of RESTful HTTP API. This API enables users to read and update the data stored in the database. Additionally, the CouchDB software tool supports the ACID properties of the data. The data stored in the database documents follow the property of atomicity. If the user updates any document, it will be saved completely or not saved at all. The CouchDB software tool follows a multi-version concurrency control model that enables users to maintain the consistency of the data.

FirebirdFirebird is an open-source database management system used widely. This software tool incorporates multiple advanced features that attract many firms and organizations. This software supports almost all major operating systems to install it. The most advantageous feature of this database tool is it has multi-generation architecture. This architecture of the software supports OLTP and OLAP applications. The other features of the Firebird software are it supports stored procedure & triggers, logging & monitoring, highly secure, backup & restore, full-text research, etc. This tool is highly compatible with ANSI SQL, CTE, cross-database queries, user-defined functions, and many more.

DrizzleThe Drizzle database management system is usually designed for the cloud and Net applications. This software tool is open-source and offers a user-friendly interface to its users. The features of the Drizzle software tool make it a more powerful and popular tool. This tool is designed to install on the cross-platform POSIX operating systems. The Drizzle software tool has a client-server architecture like the MySQL database tool. The features of this tool are it supports replication, storage engines, query rewrite. User-defined functions support multiple engines, supports DML, DDL, and event-based operations, supports variable-length arrays, arbitrary precision numbers, and enumerated data types, etc.


The other top open-source database management system is the WebScaleSQL software tool. This tool is developed by adding a few advanced features to the MySQL database system. The only difference between MySQL and WebScaleSQL is that WebScaleSQL is aimed to process large datasets. This software tool is specially designed to install on the Linux operating systems. The features incorporated by the WebScaleSQL software tool are automated testing, customizable database performance suite, buffer pool flushing, supports NUMA architecture, enhanced performance and reliability of data, read-ahead mechanism, and many more.


CockroachDB is yet another one of the top open-source database software tools. The main objective of this software is to serve the global and scalable services that can handle disasters and damage to the data stored in it. The features incorporated in this software tool are more advanced and commendable. The feature of adding new nodes to a CockroachDB cluster enables the scaling of data and avoids sharding of data. This tool enables users to access the data stored in it anywhere and anytime. This is because it is a cloud-based system. Additionally, it ensures the low-latency of the data.


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