Top 10 Free Text Animation Software

Text animation software allows you to animate text to add to videos. Text animation is a term related to computer graphics. It refers to the creation of moving letters and words. Text that moves in some fashion on the screen is called an animated text.

1. SnackThis

SnackThis is a text animation website that allows you to create animation for your text. This website allows you to type the text you want to animate. Click shift+enter to get the output of your text. Many different forms of animation will be displayed so that you can choose your preferred animation design. Click a particular design to change the font and color of the text. Change the ration of text animation size. You can even add custom color palette and custom fonts to your text animation design.

2. Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is a text animation software that allows you to use the text tool to add text. Enter the value for the size of the text. Break apart each letter in the text using this software to edit them individually. Distribute your text to layers so that you can animate them easily. Choose the movement of your text to animate it. Set the start and end of the keyframe for each letter to make the letter’s motion natural. Set the color effect to your text and make it look nice.

3. ArcSoft 3D Text Factory

ArcSoft 3D Text factory allows you to adjust the depth, height, and thickness of letters. Adjust the lighting and shadow effect too. Use the various styles and fonts available to create your text animation, and add colors to your text. Resize tools are available to make changes to your text. Add bevel effects to your text. Use special effects to add stunning effects to your animation. Use a custom background for your 3D text—export file as JPG or other image formats. You can even export files as an animation movie in MPEG format. This software has an in-built character map that contains special symbols that you can include in your text.

4. Flex GIF Animator

Flex GIF animator allows you to load animated GIFs to your PowerPoint. This software is only available in Windows. This software requires less storage space. The trial version of this software is available for free download. Import brush support in Photoshop into this software and use it. Use tools like a crayon, oil paint, and pencil to create your text using this software. Tools like blur and saturation tools are available in this software. Control animation effects like zoom and fade in this software.

5. Express Animate Software

Express Animate software is a text animation software that allows you to animate text to add to videos. Use keyframes to create smooth transition motions. Export your animations as videos or GIFs. Create text bubbles using this software. This software is easy to use and works well with VideoPad Video Editor. Convert the color object to black and white easily. Adjust the saturation and color of the text. Perform operations like zoom and rotate on text to animate it. Group objects together to optimize the process of animation. Blending modes and graph editor modes are available too.

6. Reallusion

Reallusion is a text animation software that has various features to make 3D text. It has twelve different bevel settings. This software supports text in any language and allows you to use any font to make your animated text. Adjust the dimensions of your text. You can even bold your text and apply italic to it. Add a text template to your 3D object to allows the text to fly. The animation of text is divided into three categories like still, dynamic, and scene. Choose any of the templates available to animate your text.

7. Flash Vortex

Flash vortex is a text animation software that allows you to create innovative webpages. Many different animated text samples are available in this software. Download this software for free and install it on your device to start using it. Various widgets are present in this software to help you in the process of text animation.

8. Xara 3D Maker

Xara 3D Maker is a text animation software that can create an impact on your website or video. Perform your work with speed, even if you are a beginner in using this software. Create heading and titles using this software. Text headings can use any font installed on your computer to create text animation. Select a font from the drop-down menu available and start typing your text to animate. Get access to the full character set in the dialog box to type anything you want. Add a border to your text and even create holes in your board to make up your text.

9. Aurora 3D Text Effect Maker

Aurora 3D Text Effect Maker is a software that allows you to create 3D text animation. Create logos and signs for your business easily. Many options are available in this software to choose the type of animation you want for your text. It is easy to apply the effect you select. Get a free trial with a good range of 3D effects. This software is ideal for school projects and office presentations. This software is tested to be virus-free.

10. Houdini

Houdini is a text animation software that will allow you to animate your text easily. Various options are available in this software for you to make text animation. Various 3D graphic tools are available in this software for you to use. Refine your animation using the tools. It is easy to add effects to your animation and even make changes to it. This software can give you realistic visual effects. This software offers animation using keyframes. Add smoke and fire simulations to your text.


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