Top 10 Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Software

CAM stands for Computer-Aided Manufacturing. The main objective of this software is to alter the computer-aided design models in the information that is utilized by the machines. Also, many manufacturing companies use these types of software to well transform the unprocessed materials into the final products. Today, many manufacturing industries use CAM software to control operations like planning, shipping, organization, and storage. Let us have a glance at the benefits of using CAM software.

Benefits of CAM software:

• Enhances machine capabilities.
• Improves customer ease of use
• Enhances the productivity and development of CNC equipment
• Less waste of materials

The following are the top 10 Computer-Aided Manufacturing software:

1. Fusion 360:Fusion 360 is one of the top 10 CAM software used in many manufacturing industries to develop the product. To use this software, there are some desktop requirements. The CPU should be of a 64-bit processor, and the memory of the PC should be a minimum of 3 GB. If the memory is more than 3 GB, it is absolutely fine. The most crucial requirement is of the internet connection of 5mbits/s. More than 5mbits/s is extremely beneficial. The price of Fusion 360 software is categorized into two packages. The standard package is available at $300 per year, and the ultimate package at $1500 per year.

2. Solid Edge:Solid Edge CAM software is the most-used and trouble-free to use the software. The main advantage of this software is it performs all the operations of the product development processes like cutting, welding, molding, nesting, etc. Solid Edge software is available in four different packages, namely, Design and Drafting, Foundation, Classic, and Premium. The monthly subscription for the Design and Drafting package is $100, for Foundation package is $230. The price per month for the Classic package of Solid edge software is $290, and Premium is $420.

3. HSM:HSMWorks CAM software is the top 10 software used in manufacturing industries. The biggest advantage of using this software is it reduces the cycle time and has milling, turning, and mill-turn potential features. Additionally, this software increases productivity as it has 2.5 and 3-axis milling. The subscription for HSMWorks software is $60 per month, $248 per year, and $668 for three years.

4. SolidWorks CAM:SOLIDWORKS CAM software is now integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD software. The benefit of this software to integrate with SOLIDWORKS CAD is it develops the product while it is in the designing phase. So, the manufacturers need not have to wait until the design of the product is finished. The price of the SOLIDWORKS CAM software is $2400.

5. NX CAM:NX CAM software is the combination of the NC programming capabilities and also the manufacturing software applications. It provides an easy way to use and has gained customer satisfaction in large numbers. This software also offers a wide range of features has capabilities of 2 ½-axis milling, 3-axis milling, 5-axis milling, turbomachinery milling, turning, and wire EDM. This software is available free for the first 30 days.

6. GibbsCAM:GibbsCAM is the most-used software that provides numerous tools to design faster the parts of the product. Additionally, this software offers various options. You can download this software on the PC having a 64-bit processor and requires Intel Core 2 or any newer version. It requires memory storage of 4GB and 700MB of drive space. The price of GibbsCAM 2018 is $75, and that of GibbsCAM 2016 is $60.

7. PowerMill:PowerMill CAM software is the tool that has the capabilities of 2 to 5-axis milling. The benefit of using this software is it reduces the time and expense of developing the products. It incorporates features like high-speed machining, enhanced performance, high-speed roughing, advanced finishing, surface probing, and many more. This software is the most-used software by more than 15,000 manufacturing industries.

8. Mastercam:Mastercam software incorporates enhanced toolpaths and CAD tools. This software offers the options of milling, turning, multi-tasking, and write EDM. There some desktop requirements to download this software. Mastercam requires a 64-bit processor with 8 GB RAM. The speed of the processor should be 2.4 GHz or more. The price of Mastercam varies according to the options present in it; The price may range from $4,000 to $40,000 per seat.

9. Cimatron:Cimatron CAM software consists of all the toolpaths with NC programming and ensures time to time delivery of the products. To download this software, you need a 64-bit processor and Intel Core i7 4th generation. It offers users options like milling, turning, molding, 5-axis milling capabilities, etc.

10. SolidCAM:SolidCAM software is the leading software used by many industries. This software has unique iMachining milling technology, which saves 70% of the cycle time. Additionally, it has a high-speed surface, 5-axis capabilities, turning, advanced mill-turn option, etc.


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