Top 10 Best Website Blocker Software

Website blocker software is mainly used by companies and parents to keep track of their employees & children, respectively. They block explicit sites and leisure sites to make them more productive. Here, let’s discuss the top 10 best website blocker software.

1. WebTitanWebTitan is a software developed by Copperfasten Technologies Limited. The features provided are malware blocking, content filtering, flexible policies, secure BYOD, scalable & fast, reporting, all API-driven, phishing prevention, malicious detection service, real-time updates, business email compromise, multilingual, multiple device compatibility, integrations, and priority customer support.

2. TrueVine’s Website Blocker

TrueVine’s Website Blocker is an application developed by True Vine Online LLC. The benefits offered are web filter, free filtered email, free phone support, email virus scanning, best privacy policy, solid & debt-free, scanning, malware detection, multilingual, customer service, integrations with other popular products, and multiple device support.

3. The Web BlockerThe Web Blocker is a software developed by a company of the same name. The features provided are blocks any website on the internet on a per-user basis, monitors internet history, integrations, multi-platform, privacy control, blocking sites for all users, password-protected, multilingual, user-friendly interface, filtering, searching, real-time protection, and free.

4. FamiSafe Block SiteFamiSafe Block Site is an application developed by Wondershare. The benefits offered are filtering websites, adding whitelist, viewing history, real-time location, location history, geofences, activity report, screen time, smart schedule, app blocker, web filter, browser history, YouTube monitor, explicit content detection, suspicious photo, multilingual, and integrations with other Wondershare products.

5. Freedom Internet Blocker

Freedom Internet Blocker is a software developed by Freedom Inc. The features provided are blocking websites & applications, synchronization, blocklists, advance scheduling, locked mode, browser extensions, session history, session annotation, integrations with other products of Freedom, multilingual, privacy control, user-friendly interface, and easy to use.

6. Rescue Time

Rescue Time is an application developed by a company of the same name in 2007. The benefits offered are unlimited data & advanced reports, integrations with other popular products, distraction blocking, user-friendly interface, real-time focus alerts, customer service, tracking offline time, time reports, multiple device support, productivity reports, keyword filters, smart goals, daily highlights, unlimited historical data, annual reports, multilingual, and free.

7. FocusMeFocusMe is a software developed by FocusMe Inc. The features provided are blocking sites & applications, multilingual, set limits, multiple device support, taking regular breaks, privacy control, integrations, stopping multitasking, parental controls, synchronization between devices, analytics, highlights, offline mode, and real-time reports.

8. Net NannyNet Nanny is an application developed by ContentWatch Inc. The benefits offered are parental controls, screen time management, internet filter, block pornography, website blocker, alerts & reporting, blocks applications, family feed, tracking location, social media protection, parent dashboard, multilingual, multi-platform, integrations, and YouTube monitoring.

9. Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is a software developed by Cold Turkey Software Inc. The features provided are website blocking, application blocking, locking a block, scheduler, frozen turkey, password-protected, statistics, allowances & breaks, dark mode, multiple device compatibility, privacy control, free, synchronization, highlights, priority customer service, and malware protection.

10. Zero WillpowerZero Willpower is an application developed by Zero to One Labs LLC. The benefits offered are active goal tracking, screen time management, scheduler, smart goals, synchronization, highlights, multilingual, multi-platform, free, priority customer support, protection from threats, family feed, tracking data, reporting & analytics, and social media protection.


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