Top 10 Best Virtual Drive Software

Virtual drive software fools the system to believe that there is a physical CD drive present when no drive exists. This software helps mount ISO files. Here, let’s discuss the top 10 best virtual drive software.

1. Phantom CD Phantom CD is a software developed by Phantombility Inc. The features provided are lightweight, easy to use, suitable for all categories of users, mounting virtual images, much faster than reading from the disk, creating ISO images of the discs, integrations, multilingual, priority customer service, and free.

2. MagicDiscMagicDisc is a freeware developed by MagicISO Inc. The benefits offered are easy to use, supports all CD/DVD image formats, powerful utility tool, protection from corruption, multilingual, multiplatform, integration with other popular products, customer support, tutorials, compression, decompression, encryption/decryption, mounting ISO image on Local Area Network, and auto-mount.

3. OSF Mount
OSF Mount is a software developed by Passmark Software. The features provided are support for various image formats, user-friendly interface, integrations with other Passmark Software products, multiple device compatibility, creation of RAM disks, mounting/unmounting, drive actions, free, and priority customer support.

4. ImDisk ToolkitImDisk Toolkit is a configuration tool developed by a company of the same name. The benefits offered are size allocation, allocation of memory dynamically, type of file system, launching at Windows startup, creation of temporary folder, device types, support for various image formats, integrations, multilingual, multiplatform, free, customer service, switching driver interface, encryption & decryption, and partitioning of the hard drive.

5. CD Anywhere CD Anywhere is a software developed by Apleak. The features provided are shareware utility tool, creating disk images, burning of images, conversion of data, creating many virtual drives, attaching & detaching image files, privacy control, integrations with other products, easy to use UI, free, and customer service.

6. TotalMounterTotalMounter is an application developed by KernSafe Technologies Inc. The benefits offered are free, iSCSI initiator for mounting iStorage server, CD-RW emulators, mounts images of various formats, AES 256-BIT virtual disk encryption, provides virtual write technology, simple & banausic management tool, up to 8 virtual drives mountable at the same time, fully conforms to latest standards, no restrictions on disk capacity & amount of RAM, supports x86 & x64 machines, customer support, multiplatform, and integrations with other products.

7. VirtualDVDVirtualDVD is a software developed by Ohsoft. The features provided are supports various disk-image file formats, convenient tray-icon, simple user environment setting, unlimited extend virtual drive count, supports many languages, provides execution function, quickly mount & unmount with one click, priority customer support, technical service, burning of images, and supports various file formats.

8. Circle Virtual CDCircle Virtual CD is an application developed by Circle of One Software. The benefits offered are free, clean & simple looks, creating CD images, configuration, ejection, insertion, naming of virtual drive, priority customer service, supports various file formats, user-friendly interface, integrations, and encryption.

9. Ultra RAMDisk

Ultra RAMDisk is a software developed by ieungSoft. The features provided are making ISO, RAM disk+, hybrid-disk, dynamic memory allocation, invisible memory, backup & restore, fast startup mode, fast data backup, maximum of 128 devices, mounting ISO, supports various disc images, and multiple device compatibility.

10. Alcohol 52% Alcohol 52% is an application developed by Alcohol-software. The benefits offered are removing the need for physical disk, creating virtual disks easily, speeds up gaming, burning of CDs, Unicode support, folder management, reading engines, customer service, and integrations.


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