Top 10 Best Firewall Software

A firewall monitors the input and output stream of the system. It adds an extra layer of security when browsing the internet. A firewall is essential to keep the data of the user safe. Here, let’s discuss the top 10 best firewall software.

1. GlassWire FirewallGlassWire Firewall is a software developed by GlassWire. The features provided are network monitoring graph, detection of spyware & malware, monitors other PCs in the network, keeps track of the data usage, 24/7 tracking, alerts for opening new applications, detailed network usage statistics, custom firewall policies, multilingual, lockdown mode, multiple server monitoring, evil twin detection, extended graph history, and firewall profiles. The software is available in three different pricing options.

2. Comodo FirewallComodo Firewall is an application developed by Comodo Cybersecurity. The benefits offered are updating users on suspicious files & folders, learning the computer habits, utilization of preventative technology & scans to detect threats, deny protection to make sure applications are safe, configuration options, user-friendly graphical interface, network management, virtual machine management, multiple device support, and 24/7 support.

3. EvorimEvorim is a freeware developed by a company of the same name. The features provided are protection from internal & external threats, privacy, protection on the internet, monitoring mode, access notification, regulation of internet traffic, protection against web tracking, prevention of telemetry, detect & block viruses, permissions for services, cooperative mode, the structure of rules, filter & sorting, web accelerator, multilingual, and multiple device compatibility.

4. Cisco ASA
Cisco ASA is a software developed by Cisco Systems. The benefits offered are unified communications capability, increase capacity & performance through multi-site, high availability, a collaboration between physical & virtual devices, dynamic routing, site-to-site VPN, multiple device support, multilingual, 24/7 support, and integration with other Cisco products.

5. Barracuda NextGen FirewallBarracuda NextGen Firewall is a firewall developed by Barracuda Networks Inc. The features provided are advanced threat protection, intrusion detection & prevention, malware protection, DoS prevention, SSL interception, multi-factor authentication, adaptive bandwidth protection, traffic duplication, site-to-site connectivity, auto VPN, application control, file content enforcement, web filtering, network access control, mobile portal, real-time reporting, object-based management, status map, distributed firewall, multi-revision management.

6. Fortinet NGFWFortinet NGFW is a software developed by Fortinet Inc. The benefits offered are full visibility, threat protection, security fabric integration, fabric management center, validated security effectiveness, security-driven networking, dynamic cloud security, AI-driven security operations, and zero-trust network access.

7. SonicWallSonicWall is a firewall developed by a company of the same name. The features provided are onboarding & managing firewalls centrally, deploy & administer firewalls remotely, zero-touch deployment, simplify set-up with configuration wizards, identification & remedy for security risks, intuitive dashboards, detailed analytics, custom configuration templates, federate security policies, automate audit-ready reporting, and multilingual.

8. WatchGuard Network SecurityWatchGuard Network Security is a software developed by WatchGuard Technologies Inc. The benefits offered are intrusion detection, reputation-based threat prevention, URL filtering, spam protection, gateway antivirus, application control, network discovery, APT blocker, data loss prevention, access portal, DNSwatch, multilingual, 24/7 support, and multiple device compatibility.

9. pfSensepfSense is an open-source software developed by Rubicon Communications LLC in 2006. The features provided are VPN server, high availability, load balancing, traffic shaping, captive portal, UTM device, transparent caching proxy, web content filter, anti-spoofing, time-based rules, connection limits, snort-based packet analyzer, multiple rule sources & categories, reverse proxy, multiple tunnels, NAT support, pre-set rule profiles, DNS forwarding, anti-virus filtering, multilingual, and optional automatic account expiration.

10. Check Point Advanced Threat Protection

Check Point Advanced Threat Protection is an application developed by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. The benefits offered are complete threat prevention, URL filtering, logging & status, threat emulation, antivirus, threat extraction, anti-bot, application control, identity awareness, integrated security management, real-time security intelligence, and dynamic update of attack information.


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