Top 10 Best Database Software In The World

The world is adapting many more new technologies that make human work more comfortable and relaxed. One such technology is the database software. It becomes very difficult for humans to store data manually. Database Software is an application that assists small start-ups or businesses to store, manage, extract the information of their company. This software is also called database management systems. The database software incorporates multiple functions. These software tools store data, backup and recover data, presentation & reporting of data, security management, etc. However, the database management system is divided into six categories. They are:

● Analytical Database Software
● Data Warehouse Database Software
● Distributed Database Software
● End-User Database Software:
● External Database Software
● Operational Database Software

Let us have a glance at the top ten database software tools for small businesses with their features.

Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SQL, as its name suggests, is developed by Microsoft. This software tool performs the basic function of storing and retrieving data by the other software on the desktops. The Microsoft SQL is compatible to work on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Microsoft Windows Server operating systems. Additionally, it supports various languages. Microsoft SQL tool comes with Mainstream edition, Specialized edition, and Discontinued edition. Each edition is further categorized into many other sub-editions. There is the main feature called Tabular Data Stream, which enables all operations to carry and provide the information to the SQL server. Also, this tool offers various services to its users.

MySQL software tool is yet another one of the top ten database software tools. This database application is used extensively. There are various features incorporated in the MySQL application, which make it the most-used tool by many businesses and firms. This software tool is open-source and is available freely. The features of this tool are it is based on a relational database that supports SQL queries; it is easy to use; it has a user-friendly interface, etc. The main feature of the MySQL tool is its architecture is based on the client-server system. Additionally, it is reliable and scalable. Users can store data up to 4GB and can extend it up to 8TB. MySQL is compatible with working on any operating systems.

PostgreSQLAnother database software tool used by small businesses is PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL is an open-source tool that is available freely. Like Microsoft SQL and MySQL, PostgreSQL is also a relational database management system. This software is compatible to work with FreeBSD, Linux, macOS, OpenBSD, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The most important feature of this tool is it encompasses the ACID properties of the data. Additionally, it also incorporates features, like automatically updatable views, materialized views, triggers, stored procedures, etc. This tool is specially designed to handle large datasets.

Oracle DatabaseOracle Database is also the most-used and popular database software tool. This software tool is a multi-model database management system. The most common use of this software tool is for Online Transaction Processing, Data Warehousing, and mixed database workloads. This tool has got a large number of versions. The latest version of this database software is Oracle Database 19c. Oracle database is a cross-platform tool. This tool is compatible to work on Windows Server, Unix, and Linux operating systems. This database also supports the ACID properties, which assist in maintaining data integrity and reliability.

SQLiteSQLite is yet another top database software system that is used widely by many of the software companies as well as other firms. This software also incorporates multiple features in it. The features of the SQLite software are it requires zero configuration; it is serverless, single database files, stable cross-platform database file, optimized, manifest typing, variable-length records, readable source code, and many other advanced features. The SQL queries used have compiled into virtual machine code. As this database software is serverless, users did not require to install, setup, and configure any other separate server.

TeamSQLTeamSQL is the most advanced platform. This tool serves as the multi-platform data client for MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, Amazon Redshift, and Redis database software tools. This tool is an open-source platform and is available freely. TeamSQL supports cloud-storage and SQ queries. The features of the TeamSQL software database system include managing, saving, & sharing SQL queries, listing & sharing execution history, saving & organizing queries on the cloud, enhancing database results with extensions, sharing query results with others, and visualizing business data, and charts. TeamSQL supports Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS operating systems.

MariaDB is the most popular part of the MySQL database software. The main feature of this tool is it handles large as well as small datasets and is compatible with large-scale and small-scale businesses. This tool includes multiple high-performance storage engines. Also, this tool is compatible to work on multiple operating systems. Unlike other database software, this tool supports PHP language. The most crucial feature of the MariaDB database software is it involves Galera cluster technology. Additionally, This software is open-source and is available freely.

IBM Db2IBM Db2 is another top database software tool that is compatible to work with small-scale businesses. The features incorporated by the IBM Db2 are commendable and offers a high rate of accuracy. The features include storage optimization, SQL compatibility, disaster recovery, hybrid flex, etc. The feature of disaster recovery enables users to protect the company’s data from loss due to site failure. This tool replicates the data stored on it. So, there is no worry about losing data. Additionally, it has an advanced storage optimization feature, which includes parallel data processing, data skipping, and data compression.

KnackKnack database software is a cloud-based tool. The best feature of this software is its cloud storage. Users can store their company’s data online and can access that data from anywhere and anytime. Due to this feature, it is used widely. The other features of this tool are application builder, customizable tools, reporting & analytics, and payment processing. However, this database management system is not available freely. Users need to subscribe to the monthly packs. Additionally, this tool supports sending messages through emails, chat, Skype, etc.

OrientDBOrientDB is one of the best NoSQL database management systems. This database software is available freely, and it is an open-source tool. Additionally, it is a multi-model database, which supports three distinct modes, namely schema-less, schema-full, and schema-mixed. This software supports the ACID properties of the data to maintain reliability and data integrity. Additionally, it has a graph-structured data model, which stores the data in the form of graphs. Users can install in on any operating systems. The other feature incorporated in this tool is a teleporter. This feature enables users to import relational databases quickly and rapidly.


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