Top 10 Best Clothing Design Software


With digitization prevailing everywhere, the fashion industry not left behind. There has been an upsurge noticed in the software used in the fashion industry for designing clothes. Many fashion designers use various online software to design clothes. This software helps the users, mainly designers, to create unique fashion designs, patterns, and many other options for creating digital sketches.

Software for designing clothes is very beneficial in the current era. The software helps in the creation of digital drawings, sheets, catalogs, portfolios, fashion collections, lookbooks, patterns, and designing labels. There are hundreds of such software available on the internet. This software further allows for creating 3D as well as 2D designs. It becomes hard to make a choice for which software is best suited for you. This list of top ten best software for fashion design software might prove helpful to you for reaching a decision.

1. CLO 3D

CLO is the most known software for the creation of unique and comfortable clothing designs and used by influencing fashion designers. The software caters to the requirements of the user by providing options for creating realistic clothing images. With the tools for creating 3D designs, the software is most suitable for small businesses and individual designers. The software provides users with a fabric kit and auto-grading options for improved designs.


Marvelous Designer is the most compatible and comprehensive fashion designing tool to create designs of clothes such as shirts, skirts, and whatnot. The application has a wide range of features for the users for rendering realistic looks to the cloth designs. Furthermore, users can create 3D models with convenient options for altering the texture of the cloth. Marvelous designer software is similar to its name for the users. It is a must-try software for beginners and novice designers.


One of the top-ranked software for fashion designing, Browzwear, is a comprehensive tool for creating clothing designs in 3D. The application is best suited for fashion designers and individuals. There are innumerable options for users to be innovative and creating designs through unique features. The software has almost five editions that provide comprehensive features as per the needs of the user. Furthermore, the software avails the users for creating design patters through Vstitcher.


Digital Fashion Pro is an all-rounder application for comprehensive design creation. A freely available software, Digital Fashion Pro provides ultimate options for the users to take benefit of the CAD tools. This software has excellent tools for influential presentations and caters to all the needs of the users through its wide range of features. Furthermore, the software provides different patterns for designing sketches and also provides innumerable shades of colors for clothes.


Corel Draw is one of the most desired software to create unique graphic designs. The software is suitable for people with professional experience as well as for novice designers. There is a wide range of excellent features offered by the application. Some of these are the comprehensive CAD tools, tools for color and fabric matching, illustrations of fashion patterns. In addition to this, the software Corel Draw offers users the option to modify the patterns of art sketches and color shades.


Another free and easy to use the application, Valentina is one of the most famous software for designing patterns and sketches. Most suited to the individual designers and small fashion houses, the software Valentina offers a wide range of color shades for enhanced clothing designs. Furthermore, the application has unique patterns and provides users with various tools for drawing with appropriate instructions.


Tailornova is a fabulous application for performing quick and smooth operations in the user-friendly interface. The software avails the users with the option of customizing with different template layouts. The software is easy to use and offers 3D models. Furthermore, there are instructions for sewing and garment patterns. In addition to that, the software further provides the users the option to convert the design patterns into PDFs.


Romans CAD is the software for designing patterns and sketches of the clothes. The application uses digital technology for creating the designs of footwear and products for the fashion industry. This application is most suitable for people who are in the fashion business and desire to reduce the cost and their expenses. The benefit of choosing this software for your production is its availability of comprehensive tools for free and fast performance on screen.


C-Design is one of the software suites for fashion designing which aims at improving the work of a fine artist by a diverse range of design tools. The software, C-Design, is useful for large fashion houses desiring quality work. This software provides high-quality features for the creation of 3D images. Furthermore, the software enables users to use unlimited shades of colors and textures of fabrics. With comprehensive CAD tools, the software is famous for its fashion illustrations.


TuckCAD is the software for designing clothes with the most innovative tools for fashion designing. The software provides various excellent features that are most suitable for designers and manufacturers. This software suite enables the user to create several patterns for the process of production. There is also support for the users through inbuilt video plus audio help. Furthermore, the company has its headquarters in the United States of America and founded in the year 1995.


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