Top 10 Best Clinic Management Software

With increasing development in technology, the regular lives of people are wholly dependent upon the survival through the software and digital gadgets. This software regulates every task and performance of the life of the professionals. The software has been helpful for years, is now being in use by the clinical and medical departments too. It becomes difficult for medical departments to manage data regularly without any loss of information. There is multiple online clinic software available for the management of clinics. This software helps in recording the details of patients along with various features for the management of records of the patients’ health history. From the hundreds of applications present on the internet, it becomes difficult for people to understand which application is best suited for them. Here is our choice for the top ten best clinic management software.


A comprehensive solution for clinic management, eClinicalWorks is a software that is available for the users online. The software is a web-based application and can run on the cloud as well. The software can be useful for the managers and authorities of the clinics in providing the pieces of training to the staff and providing online sessions along with the webinars and documentation. Furthermore, the software offers twenty-four hours of support for the management of portal of patients, billings, records, registrations, schedules, insurance, etc.


Another application for clinic management that finds its way to our list is Jane App. Jane is a software that is most suitable for professionals having clinics. A well-designed and easy to use the software, Jane provides the users with the options for scheduling their appointments and keeping a check upon the schedules. Furthermore, this application is useful for the users for minimizing the missing schedules for meetings with patients and has various features for providing reminders through mails to the patients. Besides, the patients can also get access to their profile through the use of this application.


As software for chiropractic, Genesis is the most comprehensive interface for the management of clinical practices. The software is affordable to the users and plays a vital role in increasing the profits and efficiency in their practice. This software avails its users with the option of retention of patients and to streamline every process. Furthermore, the users can avail the benefits of the features for documentation of the patients’ records.


Phreesia is one of the most popular systems for clinic management and has also known for being Best in KLAS solutions. The software avails its users to have an experience of the application interface by providing a demo for free of costs. This software is a web-based online program and can also run on the cloud. Furthermore, there are instruments available for the users for managing various physicians, and it is a multi-office software.


With advanced features for patient management, Polar is one of the brilliant clinic management applications that had to be on this list. This software is useful for managing the patients’ registration details and avails the staff to make decisions regarding the OPD through the instruments provided in the interface of the application. Efficient enough for regulating the IPD and Operation Theatre management, the software offers user-friendly features for managing the nurse and securing pieces of information about the diagnosis of patients.


Known for its efficiency in billing and providing assistance to the staff of the clinic, AthenaOne is the application that helps the organization to regulate its operations. This software is a web-based software like other clinic management software and avails users with the tools for organizing pieces of training, online sessions, webinars, etc. Furthermore, there are various excellent features available for the users for bed management, integration of accounting, management of claims, managing schedules of appointments, management of inventory, etc.


Another software for clinic management that finds its way in our list for the top ten best clinic management software is CareCloud Charts Software. This software is a comprehensive EHR (Electronic Health Recording) software. It helps the users in the management of medical bills and practices. The software avails its users with the tools to enhance the care of the patients. There are features to track the progress in the patients’ health. The software is useful for the physicians as it provides a portal to have conversations and contact with the patients.


Another EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software, Nextech, is software that caters to all the needs and requirements of the users for management of the surgeries, ophthalmology, and revenue. The software has various features for providing individual charts and health reports of patients to the users. Furthermore, there are multiple solutions for users to chart their preferences and work on the interface accordingly. The software enhances the engagement of patients.


A platform designed specifically for enhancing the management of operations of a clinic, Greenway Health is one of the most desired clinic management software. The software helps its users to maintain the records of the patients along with various facilities for meeting the efficiency in small as well as large clinic operations. Furthermore, there are multiple dashboards available to the users for keeping a check on the progress of patients’ health.


A platform designed and maintained for the assistance to medical professionals, Centricity, provides the easiest to use and user-friendly interface. The software helps the users in monitoring the health and progress of patients, along with the management of medical records and information.

The software is an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and EHR (Electronic Health Recording) tool for the clinics. It has excellent features for catering to the needs and requirements of the clinics.


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