Top 10 Best CAD Software

Computer-aided design is an essential service in the world of mechanics and engineering. It helps you to study and learn different designing tools, machines, and projects on a virtual platform. Here, we have shared with you some of the best choices to explore your designing interest as an architect and engineer.

1. Auto CAD

The auto CAD is a software designed to do 2d and 3D design modeling with highly capable functions. It is introduced by Autodesk, which is well known for its software development. Since 1982 Auto CAD is known as the first choice for computer-aided design. This software has powerful features that fulfill the modeling criteria of many well-known industries.

2. Solid works

As the name suggests, this CAD software is known for its solid designing and powerful modeling features. It is very helpful in designing intuitive as well as complex mechanical models. It will not only help you to design the model but also analyze it. Some of its attentive features are high cycle fatigue, endurance under stress, and computational fluid dynamics.

3. On Shape

This CAD software is focused on mechanical tools and machine designing and can handle product development completely. It’s comprised of a standard content library that may help you design complex solid figures. It’s delivered from the SAAS model, and thus, you can get the latest version of this software online with installing and updating.

4. Fusion 360

This software not only works as CAD software, but it also has the features of CAM and CAE modeling. It has connected product development as it gives designing, manufacturing, and engineering integrated into a package. The attractive features of this software are 3D designing and modeling, generative designing, and simulation.

5. Catia

This is multi-industry computer-aided designing software presented by Dassault systems. It has launched some products which work with different fields of 3D modeling. The tools present in this software are construction, styling, engineering, and system engineering.

6. Open SCAD

This software is considered as the perfect option for elaborated projects as it does not give much attention to the artistic aspects. This software is mainly loved by professional coders as it is completely dependent on the description language.

7. Free CAD

You can guess that this CAD software is completely free, easily accessed, and is an open-source model for 3D modulation. This software can read and write in any file format, which can increase your work-stream. It has some of the great features like finite element analysis, and robot simulation model.

8. Turbo CAD

This CAD software offers a lot of excellent features. It is powerful software, and you can work with both 2D and 3D designing. You can customize the UI and can use tools for big mechanical engineering projects.

9. Solid edge

This software is a production of Siemens. It is a perfect software for tricky project designs. Also, it has orthographic functionality for viewing 2d modeling. It is mainly applicable to the projects related to mechanics and tools designing.

10. Iron CAD

This software gives you the freedom of customized and collaborated designing of both 2D and 3D models. It’s a virtual platform that works like a replica of the real world. You can freely explore your design and create your model on-screen without any advanced planning.

These software are now also used professionally by many known universities for teaching and exploring the mechanical designing world.


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