Three Symbian applications you must have

Three Symbian applications you must have

When we consider the pace with which technological innovation is driving through the heart of Mankind, we often look at the little gadgets to wonder in awe at the progress we’ve made since the days of Henry Ford selling cars to his own workers in the 1900s.

It is of no great surprise then that the most popular devices on hand right now are your Smartphones, that provide not only great entertainment, but an all-round homely feeling starting from your basic calling service to advanced features like internet browsing, camera, photo editing, Skyping, movies, music and of course, gaming. Here, we look at three of the must-have applications on a Symbian phone (Nokia and Sony Ericsson Smartphones) that you ought to have.

First, we look at the currently popular ‘Puppy Talk’ application. This application basically lets you talk over the phone’s microphone, and a cute displayed puppy repeats exactly the words you said or the noises you made just like way you did. There are other similar applications like this such as ‘Talking Tom Cat’ or ‘Talking Ben the Dog’. In Puppy Talk, the puppy will repeat everything you say in a squeakier voice, thus enabling you to hear yourself, but in a cutely funny way. You cannot do much else with it though.

Next, we look at ‘Angry Birds’. This popular game consisting of birds being hurled with slingshots towards obstacles containing pigs has become an instant favorite and an all-time classic. The thing with this game application is that it has to be compatible with your touchscreen Smartphone, therefore if you download the game from the internet on ‘.sis’ or ‘.sisx’ format, make sure you check beforehand on whether your cell supports it. The game is immensely fun and as you progress each level you get harder obstacles to break containing the pigs that you have to kill.

We take at our last at ‘Shazam’. It is an application that recognizes music instantly if you hold it close to the source of the music, and it will instantly tell you which artist and what track it is. Cool little app for those forgotten songs whose tune you remember but whose names you do not.

We will see more apps to come in upcoming blogs for the Symbian phones. Like I said when I started the blog, this world is changing fast, and you need to keep up with it because people around you surely will. If they can live in the moment and proudly hold the cool apps in their hands and say, “I love this app! I use it all day long,” then why can’t you? Update yourself with the world of beautiful Symbian applications for your phone.


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