The Technology Used To Power Online Bingo Sites


One industry that has started to take technological strides forward in recent years is online bingo, which has witnessed a considerable surge in popularity as numbers continue to grow year on year.

As a result, this has led to a demand for better technology in order to power their bingo websites and because of this, it means that arguably players can use the sites more easily.

Let’s take a look at some of the technology that is being used to help players and how innovative bingo sites such as are able to provide a better experience for their players because of this.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It could be argued that the online gambling industry was a little late to the party when it came to leveraging artificial intelligence compared to some other sectors (Big Technology/Investment banking), though there is no doubt that they have caught up over the last decade.

Applying artificial intelligence, online gambling firms, and more specifically bingo companies have been able to create a much better gameplay environment for their players.

There are many advantages of artificial intelligence, especially when considering the process of machine learning that helps to contribute towards this. For example, bingo sites are now able to understand particular player preferences a lot better now, based on the analysis of player behavior on their site.

This includes what player prefers to play for a certain duration of time for example or the types of games that they like to take part in. Consequently, brands can then use this information for more targeted marketing campaigns to current players with ongoing game releases as well as the different promotions.


To those unfamiliar with the more technical elements of online bingo sites, this stands for (Hypertext MarkUp Language) and is the code that a website is written in. Most of the best gambling websites are now written in this language and there are great benefits for the player as a result.

What is particularly special about HTML5 is that it makes the internet better due to the impressive visual displays which help to improve the performance of sites. The best thing about this coding language is that regardless of the device that players use, the site operates in the same way and is especially effective for mobile users.

Random Number Generators (RNGs)

These are effectively the key for any gambling site and is what makes them be able to operate. A random number generator is essentially a sophisticated algorithm (an intelligent piece of software), which is developed to help keep all games fair.

They use highly mathematical-statistical probability to produce results and outcomes in games that are deemed fair and balanced. A random number generator has no ‘memory’ in so far as the fact that they have no biased influence on the progress of a game.

For online bingo players, the fairness of games is a huge factor in determining their decision to choose a particular site. One way to recognize whether a bingo site is fair is to check whether that site has any kind of testing agency recognition. A testing agency is an independent company that analyses bingo games to make sure they are fair and then give their seal of approval.

Arguably the most common in the UK market is eCOGRA and players can usually find their logo in the footer of sites which proves the authenticity.


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