The 7 Most Useless Gadgets Any Student Has

Description: If you think that you never make the unnecessary purchases, read this article to gain insight on the most useless devices you may even have.

The 7 Most Useless Gadgets Any Student Has

Students are used to buying some gadgets, but not all of them are really necessary. We don’t mean tablet PCs, laptops, smartphones, and other essential devices, helping them deal with the challenges college poses. Everything that gives access to the Internet is valuable because only the Internet contains answers to all questions. Many students who can’t do their assignments for some reason, use the Internet to get professional assistance. If you’ve never used it, it’s time to explore this niche. Open a search engine, enter the keyword “do my math homework for money,” and visit the website of a reliable company to find out more about it.

If you’re interested in a high-tech world, you certainly have a few gadgets that were highly anticipated, but proved to be useless after the release. Some of the devices we included are new, others are well-known, but they share the same feature — uselessness.

1. Wired Earphones

Are there really people in 2020, who buy such earphones? The inventors and developers had worked hard for many years to create affordable wireless earphones, producing a high-quality sound to see that people still purchase wired models. The times when such headphones were too expensive are already over. You must feel comfortable when listening to your favorite tracks, regardless of what you’re doing. Wires can only prevent you from feeling comfortable.

2. MiniDisc

If not you, but your parents had this device, so try to find it at home. MiniDisc was produced by Sony. This device was in use during 1992-2013 and gained extreme popularity in Japan. It’s a magneto-optical disc that aimed at substituting cassettes. Even though the technology was good, it wasn’t too popular in the USA, Europe and other continents besides Asia.

3. Nespresso Prodigio

Capsule-based coffee makers were a breakthrough some time ago. Now having such a  coffee maker at home is a routine. Apart from the fact that these coffee makers could brew a tasty coffee, they couldn’t do anything else, but Nespresso Prodigio was a device that’s supposed to keeping track of how many capsules are left in stock. Moreover, this coffee maker should be able to brew your coffee even if you’re far away from it. In reality, it couldn’t start brewing because a human needed to load the capsule by hand. Having the coffee maker with a timer helps students save time. If you have no time on making coffee, get professional assistance from Paper Help, and start living fully.

4. Pizza scissors

You’ve probably bought this device in one of the ordinary weekdays when you’ve wandered around the local stores searching for something to buy. After a while, you’ve noticed these scissors, and they recalled your numerous attempts to cut a piece of pizza. As a result, you’ve bought it, but they didn’t prove to be effective. Moreover, sometime later, you saw a pizza-cutting wheel that cuts this dish easier.

5. Bluetooth Toaster

It seems that adding the word Bluetooth to any device makes it several times more expensive and nothing more. The most popular Bluetooth toaster was the one produced by Griffin. If you think that nothing can spoil toaster, you’re wrong. Useless Bluetooth connections and foolish producer’s promises did it. They stated that this toaster offers personalized settings and remembers them to roast perfect toasts each time, but it’s any other cheap toaster does.

6. Solar backpack

We are so obsessed with the alternative energy that we try to implement it whenever possible. All solar bags share similar designs and aim to help students study or work on nature or far away from power supplies. But they suit only those people who live in areas with sunny weather; otherwise, these backpacks are useless.

7. Smartpen

If you still use handwriting, this device may be useful for you. But, at the same time, there’s no sense in buying the pen with stylus and microphone, when it’s possible to buy a stylus alone (if you need it). All smartphones have microphones to record audio; that’s why the pen is useless.


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